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(Snk vs Capcom 2) what are your hopes


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Well in my case i hope for a ton of more characters, hey and they should have teams like classic kof games imagine kyo/benimaru/shingo vs ryu/ken/dan.


characters i wish they put k/marco(metal slug)/bass/orochi team/strider/and maybe some last blade characters.


but what would be better a tag system or a one on one match system?

i just hope they get started on this game

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The game is confirmed, but the true question is have they started development?


The same thing can be said for Sammy vs Capcom while were at it.

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The Scissorman  (The REAL one[or two], which may not be Capcom's.  Oh well)

The Scissorman? No, no, no! I don't want this character to ruined that whole event of SVC2 then. :P

Come again? How would Scissorman ruin it? Because he's too cool?

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Give Chun-Li a special intro against Mai where she dresses like Mai and taunts her a la the one Mai did to Chun-Li in CvS.


I really want to see Mai's and Gen-an's intro speech against each other just to see what that'll do.





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