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  1. Thanks - will try the second method, unfortunately my chip is one of the earlier ones so I don't think I can do any of the MS Dash/deleting saves jiggery pokery. Incidentally, is there a way once in a game of getting back to the list of ROMS without turning off the system (I'm thinking in case I'm lucky enough to just boot up any rom like Ms Pacman I might be able to get back to the menu without getting stuck on the title screen)
  2. I've had these discs since they first came out, and I'm pretty sure they worked when I first got them. Now however I have a slight problem. I put the 3A disc in my Xbox, selected some random game (I was showing off to friends about how the Xbox can play all the old arcade games). Then I reset the machine to choose another game, and when the MAMEOX screen came up with the insert coing message, whenever I hit a button the pad it just frezzes - the scrolling credits stop dead and the Xbox stops responding. I've tried resetting, running a different game then putting BAED 3A back in and every time the same thing happens - freezes as soon as a button is pressed. Does anyone know of any way to fix this - the clock is set correctly which was my first thought. Cheers for any help [EDIT] I did manage to get it to load Ms Pacman once today by just hammering the A button as soon as the Xbox was booting up, but other than that still not been able to enjoy the disc to its fullest
  3. Any further word on new projects Shasta? N64 disc? BTW, as I'm bumping this, I should add if this topic is new to anyone, I shared both of the BAED3 discs on emule for a considerable time for the first couple of months of this year, (almost 100Gb worth) and it's very well spread (at least 30 full sources for each)
  4. I have the same problem - Disc A plays fine, disc B just sits in the X screen with Microsoft along the bottom - no error message or anything. My chip is an older one too, an Executor 2 I think (no writeable bios) and fixing the clock didn't do anything. Does anyone have any suggestions (other than update the chip & bios)? BTW Shasta, I posted on X-S as soon as you released the first 2 discs to thank you for your great work, but it was pointed out to me that I should not mention your work on there, so here's a belated thanks for all your work - looking forward to whatever else you've got up your sleeve - you should have your own website!
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