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  1. I just signed up for newsbin.com but cant find the post in the search. Im searching for Baed is that what i look for?
  2. Whats up with this kawaks148.dev-hacked? I just dled it and it has kof in the rom list and some kof2003.unk file. I put in the kof rom and it would boot. It was looking for a c1.bin file or something renamed all extenetions to.bin and it locks and i have to close. Any ideas on why this was released....whats the deal?
  3. Prican25 im too lazy now.. Hee hee i got two different kawax's running . I like it like that...hee hee
  4. We'll i got a lil package off of NG called New Kawa-X SE Default.xbe + Mslug5 Rom. When i installed the new default.xbe overwriting my old one the menu changed to Kawa-X for Newer Games in my xbox menu. But the SVC wont work. So i just took the new default.xbe added in the neogeozip, the mslug rom and the rest of the emulator files from the kawa x se folder. Made a new folder called Kawa X SE 2. Copied dat baby over and now i have to kawa x options in my menu. Kawa X SE and Kawa X SE for Newer Games. The first one is for all the Old goodies ie Sam Sho 5, SVC Chaos, Cthd 03 and whatever. And the Kawa X SE for Newer Games is what i use to Play Mslug 5. Let metal slug sit in his on little special program where no one bothers him since he wants to act nutty when everyone else *SVC Chaos Roms* are around. I can email the new default.xbe i got and peeps can use it like i did.
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