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[7/10/04] Marvel vs. Capcom 2

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Game: Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes

Platform: Arcade, Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, Xbox

Genre: Fighting

Emulator: Chankast compatible

Release: 2000


(All screenshots below are used from Coin-Op Museum and VGM Museum)


Capcom's masterpiece, the second installment of Marvel vs. Capcom, made a debut to the arcade, later dreamcast in 2000. Present Marvel vs. Capcom 2, the latest crossover fighter title since X-Men vs. Street Fighter, Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter and the previous hit, Marvel vs. Capcom. Ever since 2000, this game has made the biggest triumph in the popularity rate of all fighter titles. A very popular title in the arcades known throughout globally around the world.



A roster of 56 characters complete, each with 6 costumes to choose from. Out of any fighting game, this game has the highest count of fighters avaliable for play.



A main comparison to the previous Marvel vs. Capcom is team battle, instead of 2 vs. 2, it's 3 vs. 3. A big change in the controls is the buttons, instead of 6 buttons consist of 3 variety of punches and kicks, they simplified and made it 4 buttons, as they reduce Low/Medium Punch and Low/Medium Kick into 2 buttons, leaving the other 2 as High Punch and Kick. Although both Marvel vs. Capcom game function with 6 buttons, in MvC2 (Marvel vs. Capcom 2) the extra two buttons are used for 2nd or 3rd partner assistant (in another term, a striker). Tagging, a fast character switch feature, hasn't make a difference except for allowing you to tag out your 2nd or 3rd partner of your chosing.



This also occur to the Double Hyper Combo attack featured in the previous MvC, except instead of both doing it, the three of you will put it off at the same time. A Unique team attack feature from the previous MvC has not port this over to the 2nd installment, the Variable Team feature, allowing you to control two oponent at a time to fight over your oponent under a limit of time. A special feature that never feature in the previous MvC is Linkable Hyper Combo attack, having your primary character pull off a hyper combo then cancel it with your second partner's hyper combo then you could cancel that after with your 3rd partner, which then leaves the last person with the hyper combo in the game (good stradegy for either combo, or making a tag). Another new unique attack feature in the game is, the counter switch. Counter switch allows you to switch to your second partner after a parrying a hit from your oponent. Not but not least the new feature in the game that first appear in, is the Snapback feature, allowing you to slap your oponent with a bit of damage of out the screen, forcing the 2nd or 3rd oponent's partner of your choice (use for fun or stradegy).


The game does consist a large roster of characters, a huge new selction of characters as well. Thanos and Dr. Doom, bosses from Marvel Super Heroes, and new xmen characters such as Cable, Collosus, iceman, and the almighty sentinel. More features from the Darkstalkers series like Anakaris and BB Hood. On with the Megaman series, features new character like Roll, Tron Bonne and Servebot (auhh.. he is so cute ^^ and yet very very small). What can be better than watching characters like Megaman vs. Spiderman going against each other, Seeing Cable vs. Cyclops, as a family fight, and Jill from Resident Evil facing off the Incredible Hulk. Ah heck with it, lets make it team battle fun, like team Street Fighter made of Ryu, Ken and Akuma going against the Megaman team of Megaman, Roll and TronBonne. Yet endless imagination and ideas to make the team powerful and fun.



A nice enhancement to this great 2D fighter is the stages, all stages appear as 3D landscape from the casual 2D animated background. Also they have rendered the character as well as the effects, making the graphic very smooth. As for the background music and the music in general, this maybe the flaw of the entire game, the music is indeed horrible. What can be worst hearing the someone repeadly sings " I wanna take for a ride " while concentrating on picking your team in the character select screen :P`. The music in the game compose of horrible jazz. The sound of characters has always remain the same, and as default, it's always been ok.


In closing, I just like to say this is just about the best darn fighting game around even despite the music. I, myself, has play it for over 4 years and became an addict, Noticing my name "Magns", I have gotten off from the best character I play with (Hehe, you can make a guess, or probabbly you already knew). This game is far too efficient from most fighting games you play, even though you are new to this game, just mash the buttons for the sake, eventually you will learn how to play it. The controls and button has make it easier for everyone to pull off combos and such (as mentioned: 6 main buttons reduce to 4). Playing against someone good (*chuckle*) let say me for example (lol), would require alot of practicing and I didn't mean button mashing (lol). This game has infinite stradegies/tatics and combos, and its up to you to explore them (*wink*). Once again, this is just about the best fighting game out there, even though you can't afford/find to own it, it's still a must-play in the arcades or at your friends/family/relative's house.


Visual: 10/10

GamePlay: 10/10

Sound: 6/10

Control: 9/10


Overall Score: 9/10


Grade: A


Overall, I give this game a :D:)

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Nice review....but I have to say these:


Roll isn't a new char. she has already been in Marvel Vs Capcom as a hidden character and lastly it's "roster" not rooster...that's a male chicken...heh!!lol!!

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I exclude the mentioned of secret characters, to me it doesn't count, not everyone notice secret character when playing in general term, thats why I include her into the selection. If you notice why I include Thanos and Dr.Doom from Marvel Super Heroes (since they are also unlockable).


and btw.. Rooster Roster ? bah.. whats the difference ? (dont answer that) :)

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Its all about the memorizing and the controls that never work when you wanted to.


I never could block every time I play this game unless it was Dreamcast >_<.


The gameplay is actually fun but basically its just a lot of characters fitted into one. And every damn person uses Hayato cause he looks cool :/


BTW, Spell check your review before you submit it. You even spelt your own name wrong. :rolleyes:

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The unbalancedness and cheesy jazz music kills this for me. But yeah, fun game overall.

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