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[7/10/04] Marvel vs. Capcom 2

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im sure that those that hate this game or think this game is boring was amazed when it first came out..cmon now...( i may be wrong of course...)


but 50plus characters...big variety as well


3d backgrounds on 2d characters was something neat at the time...


3 on 3...enough said...



sick ass combo system which is too insane for my blood...


considering the fighters that were available in 2000, marvel vs capcom 2 ruled all at the time when it came out. it made the same impact like xmen vs street fighter made. a new kind of fighting game ( well, to certain levels ), and something that no other company had...


i jus hate that atrocious music. if they had the original soundtrack from the other games jammed into one, like part 1 did, i wouldve gave it a perfect 10.



but yeah, now, its a mediocre game tho hehe....

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Tron bonne is never in Megaman series. She is from Captain Commando series. You can summon her to help you when you are using Captain Commando.

Point of interest:

Try using Captain Commando to fight Tron Bonne and you summon Tron Bonne to

help you. Weird huh? :P

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Don't forget her own game. The Misadventures of Tron Bonne.


And Captain Commando (CapCom) never summoned her. He does summon Ginsu, Mack the Knife and Baby Head.

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