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What are you listening to? Part 69

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... there is nothing... aktually music are all crap... fu.ck the top 10...

pff... music in 60, 70,80, and some of the 90 s are very better than the crap of the 2000 s...

ok, waiting for a good...

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I've been listening to the Reggae station on Sirius all day.


Last five tracks:

Buju Banton - Pensive Mood


Cocoa Tea - Good Life


Fred Locks - Black Star Liner


Burning Spear - Marcus Garvey


Ernest Ranglin - Surfin'

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I didnt even know this song exsisted <_<


The Legend Of Zelda - System of a Down



"Link you come to town! COME TO SAVE THE PRINCESS ZELDA, Ganon tooked her away, now the children dont play...dodoodd"

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