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what dashboard are you using?


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i havent had much time to mess with the thc dash, im just using the green one. i made a ghost in the shell version to quickly test it out but it needs alot of work. i like the decepticon symbol on yours.


damn you sure have alot of skin mods!


do you take requests?


what a great forum.



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wow alot of you guys use mxm. I might have to check into that one. I figured most everyone would be using evox or avalaunch since those are the most talked about.

anyways I like evox's easy of skinability (so I can slap together pretty girl skins on a whim.) but the more I mess with unleashx the more I really like all the features that unleashx has. like video intros custom icons soundtracks as background music and all that I really hate how silent evox is. and with unleashx I don't need boxsplorer anymore.

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:lol: Wut up all... you guys are all the crap and you know who im talkin abou... :-D


Anyway, that being said i got a neo-geo red cabinet that i have wired a modded box into...i use avalaunch so when i plug it in it boots with no animation\nologo x-2 bios....then i have kawa-x,fbax,mamox,soulcalibur 2,marv vs. capcom 2, capcom vs. SNK 2EO, on the dash and thats it...i use just a stock 10 g drive to fit it all on with a dvd-r in the drive all the time for an extra 4.3G of data space..(right now thats all mame roms)...Its sweet but i need a really cool looking avadash that looks as if it were made by neo-geo or capcom...you get it?...so it looks more like a arcade menu would...right now im using "Hi-Fi" skins...


i need ideas here...as this is the final piece in making the cab...its gonna be the icing on a cake that was long in the making..


heres some pics from before my camera got smashed...


I recomend everyone get one of :lol: these...msg me for details



how do i add pics to my post?

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sammaz that sounds like a Killer rig you got going. post up some pics! I never thought of doing that with my xbox I was gonna do that with my pc but I havent found a decent cab yet.

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Hey garageink....ive seen "mame" cabs that use pc's....they all suffer from a video distortion due to the fact that no matter what your getting a vga signal...when you use the xbox as your mame brain...you get pure emulation...pixel for pixel it is the same as the original arcade boards image output...dont waste your time with a pc...ive been waiting years for a unit that could output a pure signal and had horsepower to emulate roms...Thank God for Bill Gates....that why im so happy when people like you all start giving more games like SVC to my cab...she eats em right up

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