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what dashboard are you using?


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I have tottally converted to UnleashX now, no more stone age evox for me. hehehand I unloaded a little disc place by getting rid of boxsplorer and dvd2xbox. if unleash would incorperate a dongle free dvd player I could get rid of dvdx and xbmc too.

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xbmc is an amazing proggy but I just don't have alot of need for it. my pc and xbox are only networked when I need to file transfer at the moment. so no streaming mp3s vids or pics. and that seems to me to be xbmc's main strength. once I get moved and set up with broadband I may change my mind about xbmc but right now I don't have much need for it.

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i tried to flash my matrix with evox once and it screwed everything up. I had to dig up my flasher and reflash from the pc. if you've ever flashed a matrix with the pc you know it's a pain in the a$$. I've read that only the latest ver of evox has a problem flashing matrix.

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