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  1. Yes, people still use kawa-x; those who prefer to have the games run at full speed, instead of with useless raster effects. Also those who don't want to wait 5 years for their games to load and start. I wish kawa-x would update so there'd be in-game button configs and a "none" setting for buttons though.
  2. I recall there being a tool on xs for signing things over to your box, such as Kola Cell, etc. I don't seem to have it lying around, but would this help, or has this already been tried?
  3. Yeah, if there's lag in NES games, there'll be more than tolerable lag in others. Frankly, though I haven't been able to try this most recent version of fbaxxx, the only thing that runs neogeo games at a legitimate speed without slowdown intermittently is kawa-x. I just wish "none" was an option on the keyconfigs, triggers are very sensitive, and its annoying having it pop buttons randomly.
  4. EvoX for day-to-day crap, and UnleashX, because I like it, and how else would I finish this SkinnerBOX app I've been working on?
  5. I've a first degree black in both Choi Kwang and Shil Yong Do, which are offshoots of Tae Kwon Do, as well as base blacks in Jiu Jiutsu and Airi Ki. I don't do much since I blew out a knee on a gym floor, after being pulled off one of those inflatable obstacle courses. :/ EDIT: I've debated checking out this systema guy who's been around lately, but I haven't had the time, it seems.
  6. Well, not everyone wants to blow a scant few seconds of their lives worrying about seeing a lossless version of your non-detail-oriented signature, when a 24bpp PNG would do the same thing for less.
  7. With the scheduled release of 2004 so close to this release, it wouldn't be shocking if they waited for 04 before 03 got fully "done."
  8. I dont' see why anyone needs a signature over 50k, which is still very large, let alone one that is larger than the content of their average posts.
  9. I have of course heard nothing, but I have been in and out all week, so that's normal. I assume when it is released properly we'll all know.
  10. Hopefully in april we'll get to see something of a UI standard, like a menu from right stick in; I never remember what the hell gets to the menus in MameOx.
  11. It's an xbox with 2x the ram, and a shat little celeron @ 2x the clockspeed, I believe.
  12. If it's just an xbox disc, spool it from your xbox over FTP to get at the data. If it's a disc image still, use xISO to open it.
  13. Kawa-Next? crap, there's too many versions.
  14. Make sure you read through all the tutorials and faqs. Xbox-scene has low tolerance for the "I don't want to read" crowd.
  15. Yeah, according to the xdk documentation, there needs to be a resource file that determines what the header input is, so without that, I'm at a loss at the moment to attempt to read the format. So lazy.
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