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  1. I have no problem, my pim.zip and samsho5.zip are all ok, and I'm using the NeoGeo uni bios vers. 2.1.
  2. Gogo's site is working now, I got it, will test later.
  3. Gogo's site is down, it re-routs to another site. I also dont see it on xbins ftp yet. Anyone got it yet? if so, please up it to alt.binaries.games.xbox please. Thanks
  4. Gogo, very nice mini options menu, but Metal Slug 4 (previously worked on last build/8262005) and Last Blade 2 crash the emu during the decrytping and.. the loadup blue bar screen. it gets up halfway and sits there for about 1-2 minutes and doesnt do anything. Can you test? or did you change the rom set. I am using the 3MB default.xbe of your latest release. I went back to the old build (8262005), and Metal Slug 4 and Last Blade 2 loaded up properly. Thanks
  5. Why would you wanna do this? I thought about this, tried it on some of the games, but found out you miss out on the options/setting menu on the original Midway Arcade treasures 2 GUI.
  6. Gosh, can't take a little joke.. I played KI-XXX/U64X-XXX/Gogo's WIP release and I didnt notice any slowdown in KI1. I liked some of the video filters, although none of them are really any good on my XBOX to Infocus-X1 DLP projector running the EMU in 480P mode on a 100" screen. OOh Well.. Maybe if Gogo adds a cheat option for KI1 & KI2 with the ability to select stage to always fight on and music to always hear and someone to add the move list, then I'd have no big problems with a slow KI2. Played KI1, beat Eyedol, credits scrollin and EMU hangs the whole XBOX. dammit. PLayed KI2, beat Gargos, I stil have more fun with KI2 than I did with KI1.. I just like Jaho better in KI2 and Saberwulf in KI2.. Ooh well, to each their own.
  7. ITS KI-XXX, thats what it was called when I downloaded it, untill Gogo says different, I'll call it KI-XXX. Thank you very much...
  8. Gogo finally released it! Still, KI2 is going to play slow and its fatalities may crash the game. The Move list is implemented, but you'll have to make them. Anyone want to? Get KI-XXX.rar frm IRC's #Xbins now! I'll be testin this new veriosn of KI-XXX EMU tonight and report back my findings!
  9. You still won't know exactly what romset he's using for his ss5snd.zip. because he turned off the DAT creation in the default.xbe. I did get DATs off from my Xbox's HDD, my FBAXXX (08/02/2004, banned Neogeo romsets ini ON) Romcenter DATs. If anyone needs the old dumps here it is: http://www.axledentaldj.com/FBAlphaXXX(myo...(RomCenter).dat I also got the mame dumps romcenter Dat as well. So this makes my job of finding proper romsets a hell of alot easier now, instead of using the d_neogeo.cpp source code!
  10. I wouldnt bother, I hear different thing, the complete dump of SS5 Special is really available, and yes, there IS sound lag in svcplus.zip! back to good old trust FBAXX 08/02/2004 build.
  11. I've PMed several of you guys, Like I always say, get it while its hot!!! Get it before Gogo takes it off frm his url!! Completely! Yes it plays banned Neogeo Romsets based off from the (old dump) default.xbe! Wahoo! Mine work shere!!! Just need that new samsho5 special romset to test out. hehe Its now up on newgroup: alt.binaries.emulators.neogeo
  12. Did anyone notice Gogo released a special default.xbe "Unleashed" FBAXXX that plays samsho5spnd.zip! Well, I'm gonan test it, but I don't have samsho5spnd.zip!
  13. OK, I'll work on updating my testing FBAXXX2 on my XBOX to have the Mame set's of my favorite Neogeo romsets.. Thanks.. I know, it's bound to happen, might has well have both. Hm, OK, but whats the right.DAT file I should be using on banned Neogeo romsets with romcenter..? Hmmm
  14. Yes, I can FTP into my XBOX, but I prefer to use the old dump default.xbe, I think the othe reason why I use it, was because it ran rotd.zip better, and some other neogeo romsets as decrypted better. I think its a bit faster loadin in decrypted neogeo romsets..but hey, I can't force you to make it compatible for the old dumps default.xbe... I could always stick with Gogo's last FBAXXX August release that had the fbaxxx.ini to tun on the banned neogeo romsets. Still, I'll tinker with most any veriosn of FBAXXX you guys put out thats close to the latest version of Gogo's FBAXX to see if the new features and any of the old bugs are removed properly..
  15. Yes there is an excuse, you know how crazy it was to keep up with all the changes that Gogo and Artic and manto did on the romsets, which ones they followed, so Manto decided to offer and old dump default.xbe and I'm happy with that. Most of the banned neogeo romsets won't see proper dats for a while.. I think..because they are banned.. Its just a pain in the butt.. But thanks! Or and FBAXXX decoding thingy for the mslug 4 & 5, s1 roms are better to have.. can't remember exactly what the problem was, but the way FBAXXX decodes the neogeo driver for s1, had alot of problems with the Metal Slug games wihtout s1 decodin.. and I think for garou.. so I prefer to have the s1 in the romset neogeo driver anyways...
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