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Where else do you spend your time....

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irc (gamesurge/gamesnet and freedomirc)

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Why do people keep saying "here" when the question is where ELSE do you spend time. Weird...

Because they forget about already being in here when they really start posting...hahahhaah.. <_>

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1) shoryuken.com


fighting game site (mostly capcom). Spend most of my time browsing the strat sections. The Evo DVD is also very cool if you order it -- watch it and learn; cuz that's how fighting games are supposed to be played.


2) gamecombos.com


another fighting game site, but mainly Guilty Gear related. You can also try and get in contact with other serious players in your area and participate in tournaments.


3) xgam.org


Basically a site dedicated to Xenogears and Xenosaga. Pretty good.


I use separate usernames for each of those sites, cuz that's what I like.

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