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King Of Fighters 2003 (kof2003.zip) News V


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*EDIT* James you wouldn't happen to be from Australia would you?

Yes i am from Australia. ;)

Cool....I'm from Australia myself ;)


I will upload my FBA mingw to my website for you (I got it from IQ_132 when I first started to compile my own version of FBA)

Cool thanks


do you get those aggregate warnings during the compile ?

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Yeah...those warnings are normal....just ignore them..


Here is the MinGW -> Right Mouse Click -> Save Target As


*EDIT* James you wouldn't know where I could download KOF2K2nd for Kawa-X??

Thanks for that ;)


i do not know where to find KOF2K2nd but maybe if you tell me the crc it needs for them roms i might be able to help. does it use the same as neoragex does ?

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* Sorry james for posting in the wrong topic*


Page Updates


The game is now playable in FBA, so there're the drivers (Extra Info > Drivers). I also uploaded cheats for FBA, updated cheats for Kawaks; opened the P'rom info section (about Universal P1, and some things) ; updated FAQ / CRC's and Fixes sections ; and uploaded Transparencies.



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