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  1. ForceX, could you please upload N3oghost's complile of FBA for Xbox to your website?, every time I try to download from the link you provided the download finishes prematurely and I don't get the whole file.
  2. Thanks, I'm at work right now so I'll have to get it later tonight. And a lot of people want it! Have you ever been to Shoryuken.com or snk-capcom.com? There are a lot of people who are big fans of what you guys are doing here at 1emulation.com, you guys are heros! Seriously, anytime people go to fighting game tourneys you can be sure to find modded xboxs running the hacked versions of emus. Neo geo systems are rare and expensive, and games are the same way. King of fighters 2003 is a hard game to find in arcades, impossible where I live (rural Kentucky, USA), so emus are the only viable way to play the game for many many people. Anyway, this post is getting off-topic so I'll just stop here.
  3. It seems that the link that ForceX posted for his FBAX compiled for Kof2003 is no longer working, can someone please post it again somewhere else?
  4. I have an idea. Can you guys tell me if this would work? Let's say I installed linux on my xbox. Then I install Vmware (a program that emulates a computer within an OS), and then proceed to install windows 98 underneath Vmware and the latest version of directx. Could I then run kawaks on my emulated windows on an xbox? I know there would be memory issues, the xbox has 64 megs of ram, and KOF2003 is about forty megs. right? I think win98 needs very little ram to run, probably just three or four, and linux about the same. I heard somewhere that you have about 400 mhz of performance in windows emulated on the xbox. Would the kawaks dev be able to run in this environment? I think I could just barely pull it off. The reason I ask this is because I would much rather sit and play against my friends on a television than bunch in around a computer monitor.
  5. How does the rom work in MAME? Has anyone tried contacting the person who did that work in the first place? Perhaps they have some useful information.
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