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King Of Fighters 2003 (kof2003.zip) News V


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Ok well i just tested it and this is what happens for me:


I changed the m1d rom info to match my set (128kb crc396e17cd)


First time i loaded up the rom, i could see the credits in the lower corners (credits 04)........just blinking on and off.....


went back into dip settings and selected UNIVERSE BIOS.......reset rom

selected JAPAN and ARCADE........restarted rom.


It showed the Universe Bios screen, that green jumbly stuff.....the recycled back to the Universe Bios screen, green jumbly stuff, etc etc......went in a seemingly endless loop.


goint to re-compile with the specified m1 file from original driver.

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For anyone who is having trouble compiling FBA with KOF2003 here's the neogeo.h neo_run.cpp and d_neogeo.cpp with the kof2003 code included. Just extract them into your FBA source code folder.




Thanks to IQ_132 for hooking up the above files.....

Thanks for passing on the info. 8)

Hehehehehehehe well we've got to keep everyone informed so that everyone can enjoy all of the KOF2003 goodness.



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Ok just finished testing the 512kb M1d rom listed in the driver. Same exact thing.


some strange loop.


like i said in unibios i get to the NEOGEO (universion bios) splash screen (not the selection one, after you do that and load the rom.) then it goes to the green stuff then back to that splash screen.


strange. seems like its so damn close.....

all my other roms run with this compile........could be an error in the other two files that i wrote....but it had to have been a good error for the emu to compile.....


asking for help.

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Nothing beats the Satisfaction that you get after you have sucessfully compiled your own version of MAME, FBA or anyother emu...


James would know this feeling all too well :blink:


*EDIT* James you wouldn't happen to be from Australia would you?

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