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Valentine's Day


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me...idk, maybe I'll go to the arcade or something..or just get some money from my bank account and spend it on who knows what.....oh crap!!! :P:D, that reminds me, I need 25$ to take the A.C.T...ah well..I'll take care of that tomorrow...


...welp, thats my hardcore loser life.... :D



what are you other ppl gonna be doing?

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Top Posters In This Topic

I'll be avoiding people. Writing lab reports and studying for organic chemistry and microbiology.


Man I'm so glad I'm done with that ACT crap. It's not a hard test, it's just the complete 3 hours of pure waste.

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GryphonKlaw, I think I can sort of relate to your situation.


I envy those who's got nothing to do, and basically just watch movies or play games, drowning in self-pity over things which really don't matter... just whatever they want. (I wish I had that sort of time.)


I'll be spending the next four days or so working on my reasearch paper, finish two sections for my math assignment (about a little over hundred problems), start reading my chapters for history, and to top it off, study for a midterm exam for geography. Hurray!!


So yeah, I'll be pretty depressed this Valentine........all thanks to school. Nope, girls have nothing whatsoever to do with it -- I'm over that phase already. College life....wonderful.


Yeah, I'll probably check in here from time to time during my "study breaks."

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