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King Of Fighters 2003 (kof2003.zip) News III


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C'mon all u math wiz's!!  Figure out this kawaks p1 version thingamajigger kof2003 thing!!!  We're counting on someone!!  ANYONE!!!



well ok you try to do something as well.

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How long are we going to tread back and forth about this "will KOF2003 work on Kawaks/NRX/Nebula?"? I just got here and there's been roughly six pages of new posts on this matter.

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I don't quite get what http://kof2003.web1000.com/other.htm was trying to say. Does he mean to create the p1 by trying all possible combinations of reordering the 1MB chunks from the old p1 and p2, putting the last p2 chunk as the first? eg


p2_3 + p1_1 + p1_2 +... + p2_2 = new_p1



p2_3 + p2_2 + p2_1 +.... p1_1 = new p1


Does this work out to 720 combinations? I think it would be better if we split this combination into something like groups of 5 combinations each and everyone chooses a group and reports his success so we can narrow down the number of incorrect combinations.


Just a suggestion.

dam here is another one who does not read.



There's someting very interesting with the P' roms. When I donwloaded the game (the same day it was released), I wanted to play it with anything else, I hate MAME (30 fps/buggy). So, I opened it with a HEX editor and searched this: 45 4e 2d 4f 45 47 (EN-OEG, typically in the header). It was found at the offset 00200100, and the offset 00200108 contains 71, the cartrigde ID. Eureka!


So, if you chop them into 8 pieces (1 MB), the last two pieces of the P2 are the same thing (using the BAT attached, P2_3.bin and P2_4.bin). And they have a typical P1 header. If you run the game with Nebula only with this piece, it will partially work (the BIOS only, and some "parts").




miko from Romshare created an interesting theory that the rom is "cooked": the roms were chopped and joined in a different order. It may be 1 MB pieces, or smaller. This was supposely to protect the game and make it run only with that MAME. Anyway, we can try to join the roms all again. Unfortunately, may computer takes 17 minutes to load the game, so this would be a big loss of time.


Using the BAT bellow, you can try. The P2_4 and P2_3 are the same thing, so discard one of them, and use the other to be the head. There are 6 pieces left. Try one by one, eg.: P2_4 + P1_1, if doesn't works, try P2_4 + P1_2, and so on. Join them using this DOS, command:


eg.: copy /b "p2_4.bin" + "p1_1.bin" "test.rom"


Zip this test.rom into a ZIP name "kof2003t.zip" and place it in Kof2003's directory. Use this DAT to load the game:



System: Neo

RomName: kof2003t

Game: The King of Fighters 2003 (Test) Parent: kof2003




test.rom,0,[insert size],0,0


























CartridgeID: 271

GfxCrypt: 0

GfxKey: 0

ButLayout: 9

Fix: 0







Size is in Hexa, so 1 MB is 100000, 2 MB 200000, and so on. If you succeed with 2 parts, join another, until you rebuild the complete ROM. Good luck!


Download the Do-It-Yourself Kit (3,7 KB) http://kof2003.web1000.com/test.zip






with gamecop consent i would like to delete the repeated posts

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Ok I have started a new thread.. 


Please post all info on the rom and rom links here!


I have locked the other thread but have not deleted it in case someone wants to read the info already posted. :blink:


Here is a tip for you all before you go asking for rom links or problems you may have.check all the pages of the topic to see if it has been answered allready.



Enjoy :D



PS. there is no rom for Kawaks or neorageX. once there is news on the satus of the rom. we will let you know.

This is a reminder to anyone who posts things withouit checking what has been posted allready. will be deleted



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ermm..... I've been reading the latest post on how to rebuild the rom so we can play kof 2003 on a REAL emulator not that MAME joke :angry:. But i've been to into learning web desing and stuff related to it. I've had the hardest time trying to understand what should be done to rebuild the ROM :D. Is there any document, something like a faq or a tutorial on how emulators work and how do romsets are made, Because if there's anything that can be done to get this great game on a good emulator I'm more than willing to help. B)


See ya next time. Keep up the good work

PS: if there's already a reply like this, I'm sorry but the post just got too big

Bye :blink:

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Do those p1 restructuring instructions from http://kof2003.web1000.com/other.htm allow the ROM to also work on NRX?

This process of cracking the p roms is the hard part, and willmake the rom work for Nebula if successful. If we succeed in making the rom work for Nebula, the same p1 should work on kawaks and neoragex, and if not, the process of cracking the nebula p roms to work on those two emulators would be extremely easy.

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how do you play as mukai or bernstein?

i already have the neogeo bios for the bosses from neogamez.net but i can chose only chizaru at the bottom of player selection.

I posted this once before.


There are two invisible rows. The first of the three columns will display kusanagi and chizuru when u place the cursor there. The rest of the boxes remain invisible, except for the random select. Here is the layout of the 6 boxes:


Kusanagi=1 Adel Burnstein=3 Mukai=5

Chizuru=2 Maki=4 Random Select =6



1 3 5

2 4 6


Just because the picture is invisible on 3 4 and 5 doesn't mean the char isn't there :D

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Haha...james, I think that's exactly his problem. :D He can't use MAME because his system isn't fast enough and desperately wants KOF2003 to be emulated on all emulators. (Kind of like me :angry:)


That, or he hates MAME with a passion.

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