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Emulation for and on Dreamcast.

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Thanks. I have that emulator but it hates me because it won't work with me. i downloaded everything and it won't let me load my games in just the bloody bios.

The games need to be selfboot in order to work in Chankast.

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first u gotta check if the structure is right(1audio+1data track) or (2 data tracks)but its never a single track(those are not selfboot) u could go to here to find tools and guide.i would suggest using bin2boot or bin2boot_gui,first u should turn the non selfboot game into a cue and bin file take the bin drag in to the bin2boot gui and it automaticly makes it selfboot and out comes a disk juggler image.

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I did that and i still can't get power stone or Megaman - War of the Past to play on the emulator. I even tried Exoskeletor Selfboot GUI and that didn't work and i even redid the bios and it still doesn't work. any advice???

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I'm 99% sure it's nothing to do with boot issues as 95% of DC games are self-booting anyway, including the Megaman, if it is the Supernova one, as I just burned it to check and it does boot by itself.

If u want to be sure just grab a game that is specifically labelled (SB) to confirm it. I think theres a v small Mr driller on Supernova atm that Im sure is SB.

Anyway hardly use Chankast as i have a dc but seems most non-playing games issues stem from an incorrect/corrupt bios file. Ensure that u have the correct one and also the latest Chankast too ( i know its obvious but some people... ).


Here follows my honest opinion - buy a cheap second hand dc and just forget about chankast. Save yourself the hassle, plus quite a few games need the DC controller to get the most from them.


If u like I could send u a small SB game to verify things. :ph34r:

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I do get my roms from supernova. Is supernova bad with dreamcast games? cause all the playstation roms i get from supernova work with epsxe and psxeven.

Random thought: Playstation games aren't roms.

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can some one help me how to burn nesterdc, ok i downloaded the nesterdc pack that included a tutorial, i followed the tutorial exactly what it said, but at the last step, when i click the selfboot exe to make my nero image(cdi file), the dos promt screen came up, i waited till the coverting is done, but when the converting is done, i got an error message said:


"searching file: image.cdi

not found. try image cdi.cdi. instead...

image.cdi: no search file or directory"


then another error message say:


file not found

you may have typed wrong name or path to source CDi image.


whats is wrong here? thanks

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I am so new to this emulation thing, and I have no clue what in the hell i'm doing...


I'm trying to use DCstella... the Atari 2600 emu.


I have had no luck what so ever in trying to find a tutorial or anything to help me thru this step by step...


Can anyone explain the basics of getting this emu on a disc that will play on my Dreamcast alond with games...


For the love of god, help me out here...

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