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  1. I was wondering if I made this Harddrive I am using a slave and hooked it up to my new master drive, Could I pull Files from my slave harddrive that was a master into my new master drive???
  2. I know this is off this topic but, Do you think you could umm maybe walk me through in recoding avi's? the last 3 movies I have burned and played it on my dvd play the sound is faster than the picture.
  3. Do you know what program could do that??? Since I am having problems reencoding them to make them small I figure compression is my last hopes so i don't have to delete them when I reformatt to switch this harddrive into a slave and my new 120gig harddrive as my new master.
  4. I want to zip a few of my avi's that I can't rencode. and i need to compress at least 61Mbs for one and another is 41mbs. Is there any way to compress that much so it could be a even 700mbs???
  5. Thx for the tips I'll try it.
  6. How can I make my avi files smaller so they can fit onto 700mb blank Cd-Roms? The 3 avis size are 741 mb, 705mb, and 761 mb. I just want to cut the credits out, and that i dun want to compress it. Cause then my dvd player won't play it.
  7. How do I shut it down completely???
  8. Can anyone walk me through on making the sp2 firewall to allow me to run ares and shareaza, and able to download at maxium speed???
  9. How can I tweak my XP to no return????
  10. LoL. Hi Albert. My name is Tsu and I'm a vide game addict.
  11. I never got to play quake. Is it any good? I also liked Unreal Tournment. I use to play that in school with my friends and the teacher.
  12. I didn't ask to join any party, i just wanted someone to travel with me or to talk too. Everyone I met was very rude to me. The only thing I liked in FFXI was playing tetra master. Til I lost all my best cards because I was a moron and duel with a guy with higher exp than me.
  13. Well all the firewalls that i have had on my computer screw up some of my stuff, like online gaming, or using ares,kazza, shareaza. I just want to tjhem to work. So I am refusing to upgrade my sp til i figure out a way to get my stuff to work. I reformatted my com last night because i couldn't download. DIE XP FIREWALL!!!
  14. That was funny. I now fear the decline fo video games. I WANT MY MOMMY! I am scared! SAVE THE VIDEO GAMES!!! SAVE FINAL FANTASY!
  15. Thanks gryphonklaw. I don't know if you are serious or being sarcastic. But I don't care. LOL.
  16. LOL. Man keep up the funny pics.
  17. No I hate all firewalls. Can anyone tell me how to turn off the firewall so i can use ares and shareaza???
  18. Naruto is an awesome anime, I've read all 227 manga chapters, both specials and all 98 eps. Naruto is my 2nd fave anime, My first fave anime is Full Metal Alchemist. Did anyone hear bout Viz bad dubbing the manga?
  19. Yeah I was hopeing for a sequel but the Xbox version is just a remake but with censorship, I heard.
  20. Yeah I know... I was bored and I trying to get 100 post.
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