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  1. is the group who made xsnesx for xbox still continue?
  2. hello guys, i havent touch my xbox for years, now i want to play some roms on my xbox, and i want to use the newest emulators version so i wondering how many emulators out there are still updating and stopped developing..thanks
  3. which ever console can be modified, has lots of 2D games (especially fighting) and run all the emulator perfectly..then it a must buy for me..
  4. i think games run in fbaxxx is a little blurry than kawax..
  5. i thought it was something involve in online gamin g(like killarei)
  6. i never had experience with building cabinet, but i think people leave their computers as how it were with mouse and keyboard attached to pc, so they can mouse and keyboard to load roms and configure stuffs...
  7. can someone explain to me what is that mean? and if its port to mame but why its not playable? thanks
  8. in my opinion CVS 2 is best, then SVCC and CVS...its funny that alot of people said SVCC is the worst..
  9. i got \ a cheap $14.99 pelican xbox controller and i want to mod it, have anyone mod this controller before? ive heard some people said they have problem modding cheap xbox controllers, as they not working properly..and they got more than one ground connection on the pcb board...
  10. is there any way that i can merge those four V files back into only two files..thanks
  11. i mean kof2k3 not kof2k.. i wonder how do you know its the right set (like crc number stuff) when SS5SP isnt show in the Kawa-X dat file..btw..i have the original samsh5sp rom..is do you have any patch that let me convert my rom to ss5spnd? thanks
  12. i already have these two roms..but dont know how to make it run on my xbox...can somebody list the romset that i need for these two game in order to work in kawax or fbaxxx..or could tell me how to make these two work in kawax and fbaxxx..thanks
  13. thanks for mention it... edit: i read the file and it say that i can add cheat file to it..but it doesnt show how..how do you do it...thanks
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