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Emulation for and on Dreamcast.

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hmm well to activate the cheats you just go into the menu and then pick your code and press start


repeat again for second code


and third


and fourth....etc


its a pain in the ass if your going to use alot of codes


and your internal memory was only reset or the internal battery is only dead/dying, if it asked you to set the clock every time you boot your DC, or just very very often


Leaving your DC plugged in all the time keeps the internal battery charged and this usually fixes it because eventually it will be charged again, leave it plugged in and dont play it for at least 6-8 hours (its really hard i know :D ) but even rechargable batteries die after awhile you might have you open your DC and take out the internal battery and try to find a new one thats rechargeable and the same kind, or if you can find the right voltage try to solder some batteries to the contacts because finding one of these batteries is VERY hard...or at least for me it was

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It only asked me to do it that one time, but i got some bootlegs to work, i guess it was the first that i had tred didnt work, thats why i was asking(thanks for the nes info) oh yeah and i had found a site well.txt that talked all about the dreamcast like i didnt know you werent atcually suppsed to turn off the dc to change games, you where supposed to actually open it while it was running and then turn it off i think, i was gonna psot it up but i lost the url, i'll try to find it again.

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I think it's because roms and stuff run off of the pc's memory and drive, as apose to running off of the "cd". Think of it like some guy making shoes run with his mind(pc ram and stuff) as appose to him running in the shoes(the console) i think sibathecrazykillerdog might have a better logical explanation.

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I've been burning new cup coasters for the past few days. I have the mamed front-end emu up & running fine, but I can't get my roms disk to work. It shows the roms on the respective list, but they simply refuse to load when I press start, or any other button on my Dreamcast controller. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thx in advance!!

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I read somewhere that you can actually get the dreamcast to run high-meg neogeo games at or near full speeds by getting it to read the audio from the disk instead of loading all of it into the ram. If so, does this mean that svc chaos, & kof2k3 can be run from the dreamcast via mame or any other type of emu?

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