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Emulation for and on Dreamcast.

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ok, now my next venture is burning a genesis emulator... i have been using sbinducr. From what I read, Gens is the best Genesis emulator... but I can't figure out how to get that and roms on a bootable disc. With sbinducr, i use sbi files, but i can't find one for Gens, just an exe...


I tried Genplus3 and a ton of roms with sbinducr, but when i put in the dc, all i get is some weird noised out of the dc...


This crap is so flocking confusing to me!!!


Basically, if Gens is the best, how do I get that and my 500 roms on a disc to play1


Any help is appreciated!

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Ok I've read about emulation on the dc but I haven't seen anything on modifying the actual console.  Do you need to install a modchip on the dreamcast?  Is there a reliable site that sells them?  Thanks.  :(

No, you don't need a modchip for the DreamCast.

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