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1Emulation.com Trailer!


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5 Stars! - Ebert And Roeper

Seriously that was the coolest trailer I've seen made by flash. You did a great job. Can't wait for the actual movie if there is one hehe. :):P

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I don't get it :

Basically this is just a cool trailer he made for a maybe future 1Emulation.Com short movie. It's kind of like the comics he has been doing. All the stuff in the trailer are basically Fiction, there is no 3 forums or anything like that (not that I know of). :)

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Yeah just in case anyone gets confused on the 3 great forums



Edge Emu



Those are the biggest ones I can think of at that moment. (Except emuparadise which I don't want to include for personal reasons)


Heres a little FAQ:


Q: Is this going to be a movie

A: Yes it is


Q: How long did it take you to finish this

A: 1-2 hours


Q: Can I be in the movie?

A: Haha, Don't know really. Wait till Part one comes out


Q: When does Part one come out?

A: Hopefully by the end of 2004, but I'm thinking Spring Break


Q: Like Gamecop Said, This is going to be short right?

A: Hahahha no! It will be like 5-20 parts long each 3-5 minutes long


Q: You're cool

A: Meh


Q: Does this movie mean you're going to stop the comics and the quickies?

A: No, I still spend time on them between school work. So you'll see them more updated then this :)

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