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Pay For Software?


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The very first day i got on the Internet, i joined up with one of those bullshit paysites and ended up paying for Kazaa Lite, and the file turned out to be a virus. I also paid for WinISO, which was useless and i ended up getting better results out of CDRWin (which i've never even had to go beyond the trial version).


*sigh* I guess i was naive back then.  :(


But i know better now!!  B)  :(

The best way is : Never use Kazaa or p2p.

I agree. I you want to be aboslutely safe, don't use p2p programs...

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Those of you who claim not to pay for software: You probably do, provided you order computers from HP or Dell or Gateway. If you slap a PC together yourself, however, you can pirate even windows.


I used to pirate software. Lately I've been looking to the free, legal alternatives. I'm looking to learning how to use The GIMP instead of Photoshop (which is worth the money, I might add; I just don't have any). I've abandoned MS Office for OpenOffice. Internet Explorer has moved aside for Mozilla Firebird, and Mozilla Thunderbird is now my e-mail client of choice. The next step is to ditch Windows in favor of Linux.


Game piracy is an entirely different matter, though. I had a pirated copy of GTA3 and GTA Vice CIty. They didn't stay installed for long, I don't feel they are worth my money simply because they lack multiplayer features. Games made by Blizzard are worth my money. I've bought Diablo, Diablo II (and the expansion), Warcraft 2 (+expansion), Warcraft 3 (+expansion), Starcraft (+expansion), and I intend to buy Starcraft: Ghost and World of Warcraft when they become available as well. The feature I love most about these game (multiplayer) won't work if the game is pirated.


I payed for the Original Half-Life way back when... doubt I'll be paying for it+expansions now that valve has ruined hte whole deal with Steam. Same goes for Half Life 2. Doom 3 is likely to be purchased by me, though.


I've got some old text adventure games here I didn't pay for. The original company no longer exists.


As for the ROMs I have... Well, ya got me there. The only arcades with KoF or Metal Slug or Samurai Shodown are hundreds of miles away, and I ain't drivin' just to play samsho5.

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Some games aren't worth it but usually they are since u get a fancy CD key :D.

Some companies are really stupid like EB who posted their HL cd key on their software so any smart person could walk by and copy it down :D.


And Some games are really stupid like Microsoft's Halo that wants you to buy 8 Halo games just to play it on a LAN legally :P


So I really only buy games that are worth it :P

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I usually don't pay for software, basically because I don't feel that the price warrants the amount of use I'll be putting it through. I recently bought Unreal Tournament 2003 and Unreal 2, and I was really happy that I didn't DL those because I love them both. But usually I just DL everything else like Paint Shop Pro 8, and Lightwave 7.5 because stuff like Lightwave and Photoshop 7.0 are quite expensive($700-1,200). :)


P.S. Anybody know a good location to pick up a Norton Anti-Virus 2004 activation key gen? :P

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norton antivirus 2004

Serial: VCT3 - 63XD - 6BBD - 2BBM - GBGJ - WDXD

Activation: 52E5-FBB3-E45B-E71D-8A5D-C6E6-542D-E30C-4E


nywy i just d/L my softwares...

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