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  1. Robert Garcia!? Yeah he's not exist in SVC, but there is Dan Hibiki (same haircut with Robert). Kasumi todoh calls Dan as Robert Karcia
  2. Gong Xi Fa Cai (Happy Chinese New Year) Too, people! Sorry, if i'm late.
  3. I use Canon CanoScan 646UEX 600 x 1200 dpi, USB
  4. I like classic rock, trance music, dance music, eurodance, J-pop, punk too. Best years of music: 70's, 80's, 2001-2003's.
  5. You right Juniel, consentration with candle is the most interesting exercise to build up ki. You can find it in karate. I learn traditional karate. Like body rock technique use ki, you learn Sanchin kata used to build your ki (do you ever see it in kof, Takuma Sakazaki -> special move called Sanchin no Kata?). Tensho kata used to build your power (like power charge in kof). Your body will be hard as rock. Off the candle by pointing your finger to candle = off the candle wth your eyes but in different level (beginner >< advanced). Cool! you can learn it by concentrate your ki to your eyes and look at the candle, control your ki and focus to off the candle with your eyes. You can do it for about an hour or more. If you can't do that, you can do push-up by holding your breath until your push-up ends. If you do it for a month, you can break the hard things like rock, 15 bricks, human bones.
  6. I'm currently using 2 gamepads. PSX native gamepad modified for pc and USB gamepad.
  7. IF you want to play multiplayer, you should to buy the game. But if you just want to play offline, i think you don't have to buy the game. just download it from the net. Open Source software is not the same w/ pirated software, but all of these are free. I love pirated software.
  8. Yup, Neutral is best! Like Akuma, he's neutral but be an evil after he learn to reverse blood vessel to gain more power. So if we want more power, be an evil
  9. Do you want wings? You can manipulate your DNA and combine it with living things that can fly (like bird)! But if I can fly, I dont want to have wings. Just concentrate to defy the gravity like dragon ball z. If you have wings like angel or what, where do u hide your wings?
  10. I like neutral or combination between good and evil. Depend on situation, i should be an evil or a good one My dojo name is Tenji no Ichi or Unity of Heaven and Hell. It means evil techniques and/or not evil techniques trained here. Evil is powerfull, but good is smart.
  11. Same w/ you Agozer. I never pay or buy any softwares. But if you have much money and want to spend it. Up2U!
  12. Cracked software is good for me. it's cheap, powerfull and usefull form me. I just download it from the official site and seeking the crack at underground site. So why should pay the software if you can get it for free from the net? Warez!? hip, hip, Hooraay!!! Do you think software piracy is a crime (if you use it for youself)?
  13. I know only the eyes & testicle is human body parts that cannot be strengthened. But The chi or Ki is the most powerful part of human (you can see it but you can feel it). May be you won't believe yourself can do unbelievable thing after you practise and strengthen your ki. for example: your body hard as rock and can't be chopped with sword, and like kyo or iori you hand not burnt, floating on the water, etc. In india there's a yoga i call it flying yoga. The yoga practitioner when they meditate themselves at the peak of meditation (like dhalsim in Street Fighter). Their body is flying for about 10cm or more, depend skill. Maybe only our ancestor can do that. People like us cant do that, because too many sins, polution in our environment, bad habit, lotta jobs we have to do, etc.. etc. Have you ever heard human can control the clouds, so rain can be controlled? So i believe the fighting techniques and martial arts that shown in fighting games such as King of Fighters is true.
  14. Super power? punch in distance? flying like superman? invincible? You can do all of those things by learning oldway of asian traditional martial arts. It's not fake, it's true. I've seen it! Like traditional karate (not modern karate that's only punching n kicking) or other old martial arts you can do punch in distance like ryu's hadouken, or reversing your blood (vena>artery & artery>vena) to gain more power w/ "technique" (like gouki). Did you ever hear the oldway of traditional karate can block the samurai's sword in barehand? Or People can blow military tank using only their eye after gaining power from sun (they look at the sun in few minutes (gaining power, maybe?!) b4 they blow the tank into ash). only I believe it cuz i see it w/ my own eye. What do ya think.
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