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Crouching Tiger ..... 2003

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Finally CTHD for kawaks 1.45 :)



*DELETE kawak 1.47 ;)

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messed around with the add.dat file mainly






and my friend he did all the dirty work :D


so yeah i'm content with that on kawaks 1.45



*recorded fotage of my desktop

Software used: Rendersoft CamStudio

fun thing to have



excuse the quality of the video blame CAM STUDIO and the divx recording codec

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i also couldnt get kawaks 1.46 to read anything from the asr.dat file either, so i just added all the info to my 1.45 kawaks add.dat and it worked fine, not sure what it was but 1.46 wouldnt pick up the dat file at all (and yes i was using the loader)

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nice wallpaper violence, btw who is she, bottom left corner

that woman on the bottom left corner is my fiancée


Kim :D

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