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Metal Slug 5 on KAWA-X

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I gotta have 3 Kawaks to play Garoup.zip and KOF99.


You can play kof99nd just fine. And why worry about playing a prototype? Just play the release version of the game.

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:/ now, I gotta have 3 Kawaks to play Garoup.zip and KOF99. :(

No, You only need the "Official" Kawa-X 0.11 to play them!


Now if you want to play the newer games that Mr. X and others have been nice enough to add....you may need extra versions of Kawa-X. I know having more than one copy is very, very complicated, but I would think that someone that has the smarts to find the power button on an Xbox could figure it out, and not get to stressed out about it.


It also take up an entire 3MB of harddrive space for EACH copy. That's like 6 waisted MB! Why does god hate me so!


It seem that Kawa-X is coded with only a specific number of games to support. The people who are making these new games playable are doing the best they can do, with what they are given. It seems simple enough.....to gain a game, you have to lose a game. Sacrafices must be made. I would be happy with having these games playable even if it meant having a seperate copy of Kawa-X for each one.


Mr X, I'm looking forward to your "Double XBE" release. Prican25, thanks for the quickie xbe to play mslug5 while I'm waiting for it.



PS: That time I did mean to sound harsh.

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well like i said before, some ppl like to collect and play all (kawa-x doesn't support v-liner or jockey gp yet and who knows when it ever will) but i guess you're best hope to play them all is if someone can make a compile for fbax with all the games


i would say kawa-x but as we all know, its not open source and fbax is :(

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I have the offical xbox sdk, sure i have not used it yet, (i cant cos i have to download visual studio 6( or something like that), before i can run it, i can get VS6 easy, if it wouldn't be too hard to write a driver for them games i could try and compile FBAX to run them, im not saying id be able but still shouldn't be too hard, if anyone could point me to where i can find out how to write drivers for FBA i would give it a shot.

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sdk does programing, you need xdk to do compiling. as far as i know thats was the emu makers use

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im pretty sure that you use ms visual c++ along with the sdk for the programming and compiling, i know when i had visual studio installed with the sdk it had a compile option, and the xbox sdk tells it that its an xbe file that your making and all that, atleast im pretty sure thats how it works.



Yep it seems i was right, the sdk can compile.



has been compiled with the official Microsoft® SDK (System Development Kit) for Xbox.
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as far as i'm seeing in a lot of sites on tutorial on compiling, XDK is what to really use

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as far as i'm seeing in a lot of sites on tutorial on compiling, XDK is what to really use

You can install XDK & debug bios on your X-Box.



On your PC, use SDK & M$ VSN (Visual Studio.Net).

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Im getting the xdk dash and the bios now this is the guide i got from xbox scene for what im gonna do to get it on my xbox :blink:.


Making a Debug XDK the Easy Way (v0.1)

Tutorial written by : MomDad on #xbins EFNet (http://www.xbins.org/)

Last edited: November 17, 2003


So you want to make a retail XBox into an XDK Debug, but don't want to switch bios banks, don't have a chip with 512k+ capacity, don't want to mess up your Evox/other dash, and still want to be able to play backups and retail games? Easy!


This method will allow you to run the XDK Dashboard alongside your regular dash, with no interference or side-effects, no need to flash your bios or switch banks, and is launchable directly from Evox/your favourite dash.




What you'll need:


* A modded XBox (either chipped or soft-modded with your preferred exploit)

* XDK Debug Dashboard 4627 or higher (Complex 4627 Debug Dash was used in this example)

* Phoenix Bios Loader v1.3 or higher

* Bert and Ernie.xtf files (required by Phoenix Bios Loader)

* Debug RC4 Key

* A 1MB Bootable-From-Media (BFM) version of the Complex 4627 Debug Bios (5558 BFM, and others work too)

* A backup copy of your original xboxdash.xbe file


Optional (if you want to actually DO something, other than just running the XDK Dash):


* Visual Studio.NET with VC++7 installed (or Visual C++ 6)

* XBox XDK build 5344 or higher



Installing the Phoenix Bios Loader:


Unrar/unzip the Phoenix Bios Loader onto your PC drive, and open up the boot.cfg file in notepad. Edit the Romfile line, changing "xboxrom.bin" to match the name of your BFM Bios.bin file. Replace the blank RC4Key line with the real Debug RC4 Key. Comment out one of the EEPROMKey lines using # (which one depends on whether your XBox is a v1.0 or v1.1), and change the LEDSequence to whatever you prefer the led colors to be. Finally, change the "Debug false" line to "Debug true". Save the file and close it.


FTP into your XBox and copy over to your root C:, the following files:


* bert.xtf and ernie.xtf (leave them named as this)

* boot.cfg

* default.xbe (from Phoenix Bios Loader)

* phoenix.raw

* your chosen 1MB BFM Bios.bin file

* rename your original xboxdash.xbe file to "retailxboxdash.xbe"



Creating a menu item to Launch XDK Dash from your Dashboard:


Edit your evox.ini or the config file for your preferred dashboard and add in a menu item line for launching the XDK Dash (in this case it was in evox.ini):


Item "XDK Debug Dash", "C:\default.xbe"


Now also in evox.ini, change the pointer to the msdash at the top to "retailxboxdash.xbe", so that you can still launch your normal XBox Dash.


Re-save your evox.ini/dash config file and FTP it back over to your XBox.



Installing the XDK Debug Dashboard:


Unpack the 4627 or higher XDK Dashboard to a directory on your PC, ie. D:\xdkdash\. FTP into your XBox again and copy everything in D:\xdkdash\C\ to your XBox C: root, and everything from D:\xdkdash\E\ to your XBox E: root. *Note: You'll notice that many of the files are the same as the ones already in your C: root from your original MS Dash. You may choose to overwrite all of these files, but, as stated in a previous tutorial, there are only two files of the duplicates that actually need to be replaced: Memory2.xip and default.xip.



Testing it all out:


Reboot your XBox, and once your dashboard loads up, you should now have a menu item for "XDK Debug Dash". Select that, your screen should flicker for a moment as the Phoenix Bios Loader loads the BFM bios into memory, and then the XDK Dash should appear on screen. It will ask you to enter a name for your box, and then you can change other options such as IP address, etc. by hitting X to go into the options menu (it is set to DHCP by default).


If you have the XDK installed on your computer, you'll now be able to access your XBox through the network neighborhood/XBox Explorer, take video captures, and screenshots.


If you want any other items (games/apps/emus) to appear in the XDK Dash menu items list, you must place them under the devkit folder on your E: drive.


To get back to your regular dash (Evox/other), power off/on your XBox, and you'll be back to normal. Backups and Retail games will still boot as normal! w00t!



Optionally Installing Visual Studio and XDK:


Now to really do anything useful with the XDK Dash, you'll of course want to install the other items:

Install Visual Studio.NET to your computer. Remember that you need VC++.

Install XDK to your computer.

Make sure you have enough HDD space, because together they take up around 2.5GB.



Thanks to BenJeremy, TwinSSen, and Anonymous for their previous tutorials on this subject, and to JB for working with me through the nitty gritty of it to get it all working.


It will save me alot of time once i get into compiling stuff :(.

right now i have 2 downloads going on, MS Visual C++ 6.0 (you only need V++ not the whole VS6), and the xdk debug dashboard, then like i said im gonna use that guide i posted above and mess around with it, i might even try and see if i can compile a few emus, hmmm, i wonder if i got the mameox source for xbox if i could enable virtual memory?, maybe if i took a look at the source for FBAX i could find out what way it works in that and maybe try getting it to work in Mame, be pretty cool if it did :D.

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