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  1. Prican25, why no posts to the alt.binaries.emulators.neogeo anymore? What do you say......help a news server fan out?
  2. Maybe I'll update my ClrMamePro dat from v2 to v4. I've been kinda out of the loop for a bit. I found v3, but still haven't got v4 yet. Maybe if I get the dat done before the next release, it can be added to the release pack.
  3. There is probably an option in your network card properties for "allow this device to wake / turn on the computer" What this does is it allows the newtwork card to start the PC whenever a connection in present. If you uncheck this option, all should be as you want it to be. That's my best guess
  4. Well the "Future" isn't here for everyone. I can't get broadband in my area. If anyone has any info on how to use a dialup connection with an Xbox and a PC running Win 98se I would appreciate the info. I don't even mean just for LIVE, I would just like to be connected for Avalaunch updates and other dash features. I was reading up on "Internet Sharing" with Win 98.....but it is all assuming that you are using another PC to share with.
  5. When playing a game in FBAX. "Click" the right thumb stick, and select screen adjust.........there you go.
  6. I don't really know why Microsoft would want LIVE to detect a "switched off" mod chip and ban the user. If they do that they will be losing money from an on going LIVE subscriber. The ex-subscriber would then probaly just go and say "screw LIVE" they would then just bootleg all of there games instead of getting original games to play on LIVE. If Microsoft started banning all accounts that have any suspicious files detected on the users HD they would just be shooting themselvs in the foot. Losing subscriber money and losing money made off of original LIVE games. The best thing MS can do as far as Mod chips and LIVE go is to just keep making sure that LIVE users don't have a chip enabled, and they are using original games to play on LIVE.
  7. kof98 should be correct. If it isn't seeing it, but it is seeing other neogeo games in the same directory I don't know what it would be. Did you rescan the roms after adding the one named kof98. I think to rescan the roms you press x.
  8. Cool! Let us know when and where you get them posted. I love your skins page. I just wished I understood how to use a dash hack
  9. That's why I'm using B4.1 for the supported 495 games, and I hope lantus and tmaul aren't taking a permanent vacation. FBAX really needs some more work, especially in the configuration dept. I want a seperate config for CPS games and Neo games
  10. You guys are making it to hard to pick a skin. Someone hurry! Make a FBAX ramdom skin switcher GLiTcH, my only suggestion is to lose the "loading" and the "ver 2".......and maybe the "ghozt". The reason I say this is....Well, that screen shot is also used for the settings screen. It's more of a "not the game list screen" than a loading screen. The reason I think you should lose the "ver 2" is because........I'll probably want to use it on any newer versions that come out. So the ver 2 text would be a bit obsolete. The reason I say to lose the Ghozt......no disrespect.......Someone might want to use this skin on FBAX B4.1. Sure it's got the spinning cube, but the new skins still look good on it. Now if this, or a future skin were to be included in a Gh0zt pack. Then I say leave the "Ghozt" and the "ver #" in. Otherwise it would be nice to use it with a different version. Keep up the good work. Maybe we will get an option to change skins in the next version of FBAX. OOPS! I forgot to ask where I could dl your skin GLiTcH? Is it on your home page somewhere?
  11. Keep them coming N3oGhost! For someone who claims to be a noob you seem to know what's up. I noticed a few strange things in the readme on your v2 pack. The first and most obvious is the rom sizes on the kof2003f v roms. They are listed as 8mb, I think they are 4. I also noticed alot of roms seemed to work even if they weren't named correctly. That struck me as strange. I figured the one thing the emu needed was for the roms to be named as the emulator expeced. I spotted a few differences in the readme and I have a few suggestions if you are interested. I don't feel like shareing them here, as it might be considered off topic. If you want any input let me know. Thanks again for the updates.
  12. I also like having a "standard" crc check. It seems if you don't, you have alot of people saying "My blah blah game doesn't have blah blah enabled" or "So'n So said his game supports console mode, and mine doesn't" I would think it best to findout what the best rom set is and code it in. Now if the emulator has a crc check, but still tries to run the game, even if it doesn't match, that is a great idea. That way you can try to find an "official" set, but still play whatever you have if it works. I think not having a crc check, in a way makes things more confusing. Especially from the coders side. It would be hard to track down bugs with everyone using a different set of roms. I'm all for standardization when it comes to roms. I'm real anal about that
  13. Great work Razor! Are you ready for my praises, critiques, and things that make me go hmmmm? Praises go for the images, and there placement. Everything on the game select screen is shifted to the right nicely. I really like the "Rom Information area". The box and shading keeps it from blending with the game list. I like that you have the words Rom Information centered in the screen instead of shifted to the left..that way it doesn't look like part of the game list. I LOVE the new "NO PREVIEW" image. The transparent makes it great! My critique is small and petty, but I can see where it might improve things. The shaded "Rom Information area" I love so much, should be lowered......just a pube. Some text "ex: g()pjy," hangs below the box, and it looks a little distracting Things that make me go hmmm. You left 1 Gh0zt in the Terry skin pack. Was that on purpose? I see on some of your menu.png you have "Final Burn Alpha X" at the bottom of it. Yet it doesn't show up in the skin. Any idea why it doesn't show? Well, that's it. Great work! Now I just need to decide which ones I want on each of my FBA's.
  14. I like the idea of a 2 image skin. RazorBladeSmile, I have one late coming suggestion. If the skin image is just featuring 1 or 2 characters on the game list screen. It is probably best to keep them to the right like your first couple of images were. That way they aren't blocked by the game list as much. It looks like on the loading/settings screen you have alot more room to work with. I'm looking forward to see what you're whipping up for us.
  15. I just noticed it is possable to have 2 different skin images. The bottom.png is what shows on the game list screen. The background.png shows in the setup screen and when launching. I'm now using an image made by RazorBladeSmile.........his first Mai post, as the main image. I then have GLiTcH's, Marvel, Capcom, SNK image as the setup, and launch screen. I figured the skinners had noticed this, but I'm suprized nobody has made a 2 image skin.
  16. i took that out Well, it seems to still be there in FBAXGhost v2. I found a way to get rid of it, but it would be nice to have it fixed for everyone. I love the pic. Nice mix of Cap, Marvel, and SNK.
  17. I do like the logo! As for the preview image area.......I don't like it. FBAXGhost supports 507 games. Alot of them are vertical shooters. This causes a problem since the preview area is "set" for a horozonal game. It looks........well...bad. if you left the preview image area solid it would look alot better. Another problem with your skin is that your new preview.png is a neo geo logo. As I said not all games in FBAX are Neo Geo games. Most of the ones without images are other brand of games. Not a big prob, but I figured I would mention it. Good work on the images, I'm love'n Mai.
  18. I made 2 dats, one with just the added games, and another (with the help of FBA) for all 507 sets. I posted them on alt.binaries.emulators.neogeo. If anyone wants to share these by posting them on a site or even adding them to the release zips (hint hint) go right ahead. I would be happy to keep these dat files up to date with future releases if I could be kept in the loop. I don't have any experiance with ROMCenter, but I think I might give it a download this next weekend and see if I can figure out how to make some dats up for it also.
  19. Not to sound like a noob, but how do I get these skins and apply them? The previews look great! I only have one small suggestion. The highlighted area where the preview image sets in FBAX. It looks fine until a vertical game shot is there. Anyway to make the skins without that area?
  20. wiggle the d-pad right and left.
  21. You should really know what you are saying before you post. I guess me and my friends Xboxs make up the entire 1% of miracle on drug Xboxs. We all have Samsung drives, and they all boot CDR!!!!!!! HAHAHAGAGAATATATAGANANDAFA!
  22. You don't need VMM to play pacman, total carnage, robotron and 1000's of other MAME games. I see no reason to wait for VMM to enjoy MAMEoX.
  23. Yeah.....that's an easy fix mate! Just make a roms2 folder in the MAMEoX. Put #-m in roms, and n-z in roms2. Then start MAMEoX.....go into the options, and it has a tab to change directories. There are about 5 slots for different rom directories. Just change the 2nd one to roms2. Do a rescan of the Roms and there you go. All 4752 games! I wish they would do the same thing with screen shots, but it seems to be limited to one directory. I also wish that the clone games would show the parent screen shot if the parent has one supplied. I hope this helps. PS: cheat.dat goes in the GENERAL folder, and hiscore.dat goes in the HISCORES folder. I wish they would include these in the MAMEoX release too.
  24. That issue was actually fixed in Mr.X's double Kawa-Hex release I beleve. All games play at 100%..... Except KOF2003 of course.
  25. I'm waiting on a Gameboy Advance version
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