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Metal Slug 5 on KAWA-X


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Just to let you know that the current roms for Metal Slug 5 do not run in Kawa-X


Here is an image of the romsets/crcs and some in-game screenshots of it running on kawa-x as-is. (no changes were made to V or P roms, etc.








If anyone can see that the CRCs for the C roms are in a wrong order from something else you know of, or if you see anything that seems out of place fromt he Roms show, let me know asap.



Oh yea and if you try to run it in Console mode, this is what you get:





im sure the corrected Cs or P will be out soon though, so stay tuned for the next update to Mr.X Kawa-SE!!!

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hey N3oGhost, could you tell us where you got the m1, v1, and v2 roms from?? I could only find the p1, s1, and the c roms. Thanks, and I hope you are able to get it to run on kawa-x :D.

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