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Metal Slug 5 on KAWA-X


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Well i just found out the hard way that i do need visual studio 6, Damn the sdk for saying i only needed visual c++ 6.0, and the service pack 4, and the processer pack 4, and them the guide i was reading for telling me the same thing :P, anway, everything else installs ok, but when i go to install the processer pack for visual c++, i get a dumb error, "processer pack for visual ++ can only be installed if you have visual studio etc," it says processer pack for visual ++ NOT visual studio <_<, Well that was good time of mine wasted, but anyway thats enough of that rant, time to move on, im downloading visual studio 6.0 now, so since my connection is only slow (56k line) its gonna take me 1 day and 4 hours :D, oh well it will be worth it in the end :P.

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