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Metal Slug 5 on KAWA-X


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Prican25 Posted on Jan 3 2004, 03:35 AM

  lantus (he started Mame-X untill ox cameout) has a life too but even he knows that vmm has been out for over a year so they had plenty of time as is  and just to note, the last update they did include vmm but it wasn't enabled

Actually, Lantus was not the one who started mame-x, opcode was. THen after beta 4, superfr0 took over. Oh and i dont know what was up with disabling vmm in mame-ox <_<.

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Krizzzopolis Posted

  does anyone besides me know that FBAx has virtual memory now, and even supports encrypted roms?

I don't have a xbox though, so i can't test if mslug5 works on it...

(or using a rename/split trick even)


fba pc emu has the same prob as kawaks so theres no point in that sorry to say <_<

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that new p1 you mention is the NEORAGEX p1 rom and it does not work. At least when i tested it. It was written specifically for neoragex along with a hack to the emulator in order for it to run.


As soon as i got my hands on the p1 i tested it right away. I tested the P1 and M1 that are used for neoragex.



the game loaded with same characteristics as before.

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