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  1. tried 0.2.1 and it works on SC SD here... going on 5 minutes so far...
  2. and they say that the buttons are fixed!!! YES!!!
  3. i use definite paths and it works with mine... my ini... // default path szAppRomPaths[1] f:\emus\Kawa-X 0.11\roms\ // cps1 menu path szAppRomPaths[2] f:\emus\fbaxb4.1\roms\ // cps2 menu path szAppRomPaths[3] f:\emus\fbaxb4.1\roms\ // Neo geo menu path szAppRomPaths[4] f:\emus\Kawa-X SE\roms\ // Other menu path szAppRomPaths[5] f:\emus\Kawa-X Plus\roms\ as you can see my neogeo roms are all scattered, it's a mess cuz i have regular roms in one dir and the different banned sets in others... my only complaint with xxx is it doesnt read all the dirs for everything, instead it reads the first dir if you have independent dirs off... and only 2-5, but not the first 1, and only one for each menu if you have it on
  4. can't you just play it and find out? everything is right there...
  5. in *theory* it should work, but the problem is they do a bandwidth test as a part of connecting to live, and no dialup connection will pass the test... and like i said, i tried... unless something changed in the past year... works fine with PS2 though...
  6. this doesnt work on live. tried it before, you can't connect
  7. yes, i get an error... it's probably been moved into an admin area...
  8. same crap, different emu... it's like groundhog's day seeing this scene replay over and over so many times in a decade...
  9. on Xbox, you can use the file manager in Avalaunch or xToolbox to change the title of the XBE, and you can probably use a hex editor on PC, but why go thru extra work when you can do it directly on your xbox?
  10. is there source code available for fbax though?
  11. isn't the MAMEoX source on sourceforge?
  12. standard hex editor on the default.xbe at 0x00000180 the data there is 7EFA0000 i changed mine to 8EFA0000 now Kawa-X SE saves to /E/TDATA/0000fa8e/
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