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So i guess by far the best neo geo game is garou mark of the wolves, it's in everyones list

yup... Garou is the BEST of the BEST!!! :)


about SS5... i didnt liked SS4 so maybe thats y i didnt liked SS5 too :huh:

and about LB2... the first LB was GREAT so LB2 is even GREATER :D

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1.King Of Fighters 2001

2.Samurai Showdown III

3.Super Dodge Ball :)

4.SvC Chaos

5.Metal Slug 4


Ex. King Of Fighters 2003


Now, For Garou I never really dug that game. The only thing that i found interesting in that game was ROCK HOWARD. Simply because he looked like Gackt. :huh:


but it's nothing new, they always model characters after him


they did, Squall from FF 8 and Tidus From FF10,




Gackt *- * Woo




Rock Hoawrd

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Theres too many for me to think of, plus I haven't played all the good ones, so heres my list.


1. Garou

2. KOF 2000

3. Metal Slug X

4. Ninja Masters (not too sure bout this)

5. SvC Chaos (not too sure bout this one either :))


I see lotsa people liked Last Blade 2, I didn't really get too into that game. I also can't remember what Sengoku was, I know I've played it though.

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1. King of fighters 2001 (got bum with d infinite video combos though)


2. Samurai Showdown 4 (hanzo rule here :( )


3. SVC Chaos


4. Last Blade 2


5. Ninja Masters (4 serious gamerz.. lol :blink: )

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who is Gackt???

Well, to make a long story short


the hottie GACKT is a j-rock super star.


Used to be the frontman for the gothic J-rock band




MALICE MIZER from 1995-1998


Then from 1999-2004 to proceed into a very sucessfull solo career, launching over 15 singles,4 albums "new one came out december 4th" and one movie titled "Moon" with another j-rocker "Hyde" From the band "L'Arc~En~Ciel.

Also, deals with squaresoft to model for some of their characters. :(



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