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  1. I started to play this game.... It looks awsome... the best NEOGEO game out in years. The controls on this MAME hack are too hard to use though.
  2. My TOP 5 are- 1. League Bowling (Just fun) 2. Sengoku (It's old but has class) 3. Metal Slug 2 (best of the series) 4. Real Bout 2 (fun to play and looks aswome) 5. Garou-Mark of Wolfs (the last good game neogeo made)
  3. Thanks guys for posting this game! I’ve been waiting several months for this one. But what’s up with all the new neogeo games coming out SUCKING so bad!!!! This game seems more like a pitiful attempt to make a last minute buck before the company shuts it’s door.
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