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  1. i agree i think this is my fave neo game this year. this or ssv.
  2. DOIIIIII!!!!! i feel dumb. i frogot about the tab button menu derrr. man ive configed all my mame roms controls but for some reason i totally forgot about it. maybe cause ive never used dos mame before so i didnt realize even though its dos,its still mame.
  3. anyone know how to get an arcade stick working? i can get the buttons to work but i cant move with the joystick. my controller works fine with it but not my x-arcade.
  4. hey thanks for the link james finally one that works. i got it working and this game definatly rocks. how can i use my x-arcade with it im not familiar with dos mame.
  5. anyone with a working link to the rom? i have the emulator.
  6. well its definatly out now. someone just posted there screens at a@home.
  7. yeah but right now i just wanna play it. ive heard only good things.
  8. any one have a working link to the mslug5nd? every link i try is broken.
  9. yeah i got a bit excited for a bit and went posting crazy, but on the neogeo boards over there people calim to have a working rom. just check the neo geo boards and read the last two threads. james is trying to get his hand on it now. http://www.arcadeathome.com/forums/viewthr...id=31742&page=8
  10. well i said 90% sure because i believe the people who say they have it. granted no real proof has been shown yet.
  11. now i may be jumping the gun but over at arcade@home several about 2 or 3 have said they just got it working perfectly. they havnt posted any screens yet though.
  12. im 90% sure someone got it working perfectly over at arcade@home. head over there and read the posts for yourself people.
  13. head over to arcade at home i think a working version has been found.
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