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Should we close down?


Should we close down  

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Besides news posts, we have an extreme lack of content on the forums. I have too many things going in my life at the moment to sustain the site with various threads across the forums. We tried to take steps to get staff posting weekly posts, etc, but that also fell through. The revival of the XBOX forum didn't last long enough and the attempt to add the Downloads section failed. We may be dead, but we're still up there stats wise compared to many sites in our category that still exist.


The only way to make a relatively successful come back is:

1) Move to Social Networks -> Twitter, Facebook, YouTube

2) Move to a new server -> faster and cheaper costs

3) Upgrade forums again and install downloads section

4) Focus primarily on emulators for systems and handhelds (not for PC)


In many ways, we're kind of fucked where we are now. But with the a greater amount of content and more google indexing us, we can make a come back. I just can't do it all by myself or I'll burn out in a few days. You, Robert, have been the most helpful and the only one who is pumping the last amount of blood in this place, so I thank you infinitely.


At this time, I respectively will vote to keep the site going.

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i voted NO i have a soft spot for 1emu as it was the 1st site i joined.i really hope things pick up again but im unsure if they will

some other sites have downloads etc thats what keeps em afloat.

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this site had a good run... it eventually will happen to any site.


not to put a damper on things but if 1emu does close... is there a easy way to save my pm's at once? some stuff i like to check when working on final burn once and awhile...

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I voted no. I believe you can rebuild a new project.You can always do, emulation seems to be a topic that can survive any fashion.

I tend to believe that today your forum has too many sections and is too generalist. Maybe a balanced site with news and discussions about a specific theme would do it. For instance, focusing on the Android & iOS platform and handhelds/tablets could attract more people, this being a strong trend these days.

Also a download section always bring people though it doesn't add much discussions, as I've noticed for our forum.

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I tried guys I really did.

All the posts here are just updates about emulators thats it boring, really boring. And if it wasnt for them this place would be a ghost town.


People tried making new threads and no one replies.

After the 10th time and little or no replies it just sucks.

We have these rebirths every few years.

Even solidius posted new topics that just went to the waste bin.


You have to ask your self why does this place keep turning into a ghost town?


If I was alphifa - I would sell up to the highest bidder or turn it into a cash cow.

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I see no reason to close shop -


- However -


Emulation has gone entirely niche market, and most people nowadays are only interested in a couple of classic games, that can be played on their phones. As for new developments, there are nearly none. Though trying downloads again is a possibility, they really aren't going to attract much - I suspect its because getting the emulator is easy - people who download want roms, and for that they go to torrent sites. Take a look at Arcade@home, the only thing that seems to keep them alive is the forum attack system.


--Actually, Id suggest bringing that back before doing anything else.


Nearly everyone has moved forum type discussions to Facebook. Because people are lazy, and like going to one place to read everything about all the stuff and people they like. Facebook has also ruined any need for the arcade section.


A faster server isn't going to help. Again, look at A@H. At this time, the only really active sites on this box are 1emu and the miskie.net sites. Most of the smaller businesses I once hosted either went belly up in the fishbowl, or they moved to Facebook.


-So, what to do ?


A. Bring back the FAS. 1Emu needs a hook, and that served well.

B. Try emulator downloads, though I don't expect it will do anything as getting an emu is easy, its the roms people want.

C. Facebook integration. If ya can't beat em, join em. Allow people to log in and post from Facebook.

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