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  1. Yeah- there are a few things that need to change with 1EMU, that are beyond GC's control - or mine for that matter.. Most importantly, the software needs to be moved to https and use encrypted conections- the short version is starting January 1st, Apple is beginning to phase out apps and things that connect to the web using unencrypted connections. Google announced they will be following suit.. - Which means Microsoft won't be far behind. My understanding is the newest version of IPB supports this properly, so upgrading is a necessity. - the newest version also supports Php7, and MySQLi which is vastly superior to what is driving 1Emu now. As for the battle Mod, I would think that if the authors wish to continue getting paid, they will upgrade it to support IPB4x - as these changes are going to effectively EOL their product involuntarily.
  2. Yes, all related to the battle mod, sadly.
  3. Something went very, very wrong regarding the battle system mod - It is currently offline until such time as its reinstalled, and re enabled. Apologies for the issues. -M.
  4. It always amazes me to consider how far we have come in such a short amount of time. My Amiga 2K had a badass full height 60MB SCSI hard disk. My 3K had an even bigger 300MB drive. Now the entire contents of both of those drives sit on a couple of PCs - taking up virtually no space whatsoever, alongside my TOSEC Amiga .adf files. I remember downloading Amiga disk images from local BBSes using a 2400 baud modem. It would take me several hours to get one disk back in the early '90s. - And here we are today.. I still have the 2K, 3K, A c64, 128d, TI994a, And an Apple 2 sitting in the basement. Last I checked, they all still worked I also have an original IBM 5150 (The first 'PC') that no longer functions. I intend to casemod a new PC into it one day. Maybe when I get sick of looking at my slick. black Asus tower. Anyway, the 5150 retailed for something like $3000.00 back in 1981, and today, a free digital watch one might find in a box of cereal has about as much computing power as this tank did. Check out this graphic - Yay technology !
  5. The last 'new' console I owned was a Sega Dreamcast. - So, no. The kids however do have a Wii.
  6. Two weeks is longer than I expected - I was shooting for 24 hours or less. As for the one post here, I am aware of that -- It was the only thing that corrupted here during transfer, and I ended up removing it.
  7. ...Of course, there might be intermittent access problems as the DNS servers repopulate with new information, but within 48 hours of so, it should be smooth sailing. if there are problems, post them here.
  8. 1 emulation dot com has been successfully moved to Octogon Group's largest, fastest server yet - a 64 bit Intel Core 2 Quad 9550 with 8 gigs of ram, a pair of 10,000 RPM SATA drives, and off-server backup and storage. There are also many back-end advancements which should result in 1Emu performing better than ever. Hugs & kisses. -Miskie.
  9. Hallmark gift & card stores put out their yearly Christmas ornament collections on July 5th. I don't think anyone is earlier than they are in the US.
  10. I see no reason to close shop - - However - Emulation has gone entirely niche market, and most people nowadays are only interested in a couple of classic games, that can be played on their phones. As for new developments, there are nearly none. Though trying downloads again is a possibility, they really aren't going to attract much - I suspect its because getting the emulator is easy - people who download want roms, and for that they go to torrent sites. Take a look at Arcade@home, the only thing that seems to keep them alive is the forum attack system. --Actually, Id suggest bringing that back before doing anything else. Nearly everyone has moved forum type discussions to Facebook. Because people are lazy, and like going to one place to read everything about all the stuff and people they like. Facebook has also ruined any need for the arcade section. A faster server isn't going to help. Again, look at A@H. At this time, the only really active sites on this box are 1emu and the miskie.net sites. Most of the smaller businesses I once hosted either went belly up in the fishbowl, or they moved to Facebook. -So, what to do ? A. Bring back the FAS. 1Emu needs a hook, and that served well. B. Try emulator downloads, though I don't expect it will do anything as getting an emu is easy, its the roms people want. C. Facebook integration. If ya can't beat em, join em. Allow people to log in and post from Facebook.
  11. My technique is simple - While the applicant is waiting for final approval, I enter the given username and IP address into Google. if on the first page I see a reference to a site dedicated to logging Spmmer's IP addresses, I immediately delete the account. If instead, I discover that the user has signed up for a dozen or so forums in the last few days, all of which are unrelated --especially if the user signed up to forums in several different languages, I delete the account immediately. If I find references to the user that show actual posts being made in other places, or no reference at all, I approve the registration. It takes about 5 minutes or so to make a determination on a registrant at most.
  12. Wait - an iPhone can't run an app that Apple doesn't approve of ? That pretty much sucks. On an Android based phone, installing an app from other than the Android Market involves adding a checkmark next to 'Allow installation of non-Market applications' in Settings/Applications, and that's it.
  13. Sadly, it has been my determination that the only real deterrent is manual account approval. Ive also noticed that once the spammers figure out that a human has the final say on signing up, they stop trying. Granted, the bots still try, but they are scripts running on a machine, and they know nothing. So, the questions stop the bots, the manual approval stops the humans. Done and done.
  14. Frankly, Id strip it down and ship the hardware to myself (pack the components in static bags, then box them with lots of bubblewrap). You will never sell it for what you want to get for it - as a rule - the only people who would buy your PC are enthusiasts, and they already know that they can save money by spending an afternoon building it themselves. Average consumers wont approach the PC because it doesn't have a brand name label stuck to it, making it impossible to get a review of it online, or comparison shop at Best Buy. Finally, Id ditch the case. One of the scrap metal people will pick that up off your sidewalk in a heartbeat.
  15. Those sad people who would rather sit around all day with a remote in one hand, and their meat in the other. No job, no school, no relationships of any sort.. just a mountain of porn.
  16. Puzzles. I'm addicted to problem solving. Seriously. I love to do it. I have a beaten up Rubik's Cube on my desk that I scramble and solve constantly while working on other puzzles and problems. I don't excessively drink - I don't smoke, use any narcotics, have porn issues, chase women around or anything else. I just solve puzzles.
  17. The only windows system left in the house is the arcade cabinet - and even then its a stripped to the studs XP X64. It only runs what I need it to run to make emulation workable. However, I will boot my desktop occasionally into XP for Photoshop or music related work. Other than that its Ubuntu.
  18. The Manly answer : Set him on fire. Then kick 'im in the nuts.. And laugh. Alot.
  19. Yeah - that SMF is on the same box as is mine, and they both fly by comparison. And although I have yet to finish skinning The Society, I have modded the bejeesus out of it, and it still performs excellently. Personally, SMF is kind if a homecoming for me - I starter with YaBB, then YaBBSE - then YaBBSE was discontinued, and I switched to Invision, when it was free - and I did intend to buy a license for it - but everytime I had the money together to do so, either the price changed, or the terms and conditions did. So, I ran with the last free Invision for years, and converted it to SMF when I could no longer deal with the security issues the old Invision presented - And SMF is based off of YaBBSE. So I'm back where I started Database -- yeah I am pretty sure that this database has bits and pieces dating back to 2002 in it. I suspect finding a way to build a fresh database and dumping the current data into it would go a long way in aiding this site performance-wise. Repairing and upgrading tables only goes so far... I am certain that the current database is full of cells, columns and rows that are either entirely unused now, or contain data that is irrelevant to Ip.Board 3X. I am also certain that the methodologies used to store useful data has changed, and now MySQL needs to do lots of extra grinding to fetch/write data because of it. Database clean/rebuild utilities - none that I am aware of, unfortunately. At times I wonder if using a forum converter to move 1emu to another platform, followed by a conversion back to IP.Board will help - but then I figure the result may be like using Google's translator to translate something out of English, then back into English. The result is interesting, but not the same as what you started with.
  20. Ive already been down this road - its specifically IP.Board 3x - Its full of AJAX. , and IPS are entirely unapologetic for it. While we were upgrading, I shut down this domain, and server load fell to an average of .13 - and during quiet moments, it fell to .00 - And 1emu is far from being the only active hosted site on this box. The second problem is the database itself. The 1Emu you see now, is the same 1Emu from the very beginning, which means the database has been changed and upgraded dozens of times, to accommodate all of the changes made to IP.Board - so the database is quite a bit less structured than an fresh install of IP.Board would be, and it queries more slowly as a consequence. But thats the price to be paid to keep all the history. Oh, and IPS provides no utility to migrate the data from one database to another. If you bang ' Ip.Board 3x slow' into google, you'll find dozens of complaints about the performance of this software. IPS' answer is 'get a bigger server' :/ - So, Ive done what I could to optimize the server, and have the load hovering at about .8 so, things are running well on the server itself, but because of the AJAX and other CPU costly technologies, your browser will still struggle somewhat.
  21. Well, I can see it - and I can respond to this blog post, so I would say, yes - they work again.
  22. miskie approves of making people cry.... I suspect GameCop does too.
  23. Messing with Sasquatch.. and this forum.

  24. Making certain this works...

  25. You must be referring to Tondemo Crisis -- totally bizarre game.
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