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Final Burn Legends 1.9

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Final Burn Legends 1.9


Just a bugfix release to fix several games that were missing sfx and/or music in the last build. All should be working now.


+ T +


What's New:

- Fixed missing sound in some games.



The usual places.

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one picture..i must take more ^^   running Cave's shmups i really wish the PGM emulation can be better on Xbox, since theres too many slowdown when you play for score (especially Ketsui )   i need t

Good, thx, hope to see pixel perfect in new release ^^

Sorry but I've never understood the whole "pixel perfect" thing. The original arcade monitors stretched their display to 4:3 so FBL stretches its display to 4:3. I have no plans to alter this, plus it would be extremely difficult to implement custom values for all games due to the way FBL renders its video. You can always set up per-game screen sizes yourself.

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thx for your graft sortin this +T+ and all the work you do in givin us this fantastic emulator


but im gonna stick with 1.7 im runnin the new toaplan.xbe and got the sound on batsugen etc so i cant really be bothered upgrading right now

to busy playin rayman origins :)

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