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  1. Hi fumanchu Thanks again for all the content you share! The link with emu+fullset and screenshots does not work anymore. I intend to use it to update to v1.26 because I'm at v1.23 on my xbox. Then I found the rompacks for 1.26 and 1.25, but the rompack for v1.24 (which includes lots of games) is not available anymore, even on the dedicated post for v1.24 update on this site . Can you fix it please? Or maybe you plan to provide us with a link to v1.26 with fullset and screenshots? Many thanks in any case
  2. Thank you ! And do you know what is dashupdate.xbe file ? Does it apply modification on the dash ?!
  3. Thank you for sharing ! Do you know if it is PAL or NTSC version ?
  4. Thank you for this new Fumanchu ! Some sprites and graphics remind me another Amiga great game : Fire and ice
  5. Thank you fumanchu for your quick answer (and for all your contribution in general ) Do you have the SD version full package as well ? Because I tried with the HD version and it doesn't fit on my 4/3 TV screen (pretty logical). Even when I replace the menu picture files with the SD extra files in the update package. Thanks in advance, Mark
  6. Hello, unfortunately I'm not able to download the files. I'm particularly interested in the SD version (but the other one could be usefull for me in the future). So please, anyone could put it back here ? Would be much apreciated. Thank you ! Mark
  7. Thank you very much ! Great work ! You can be sure your contribution to the scene is much appreciated !
  8. Thank you very much for all your work ! Has Boogy Wings his sound fixed with this release ?
  9. Thank you guys for explainations. Actually, I thought that FBL rom set was based on FBAlpha one... That's why I was surprised to use MAME roms version. But I understand, and I agree that it's a best practice to use latest versions of roms with emulators. see you
  10. Hello, And thanks to the developpers and other guys who make this possible ! FBL is really a great emulator on XBOX (maybe my prefered one) I have a question : I used to play with a roms full set I made for FBL 1.3 (w/out Genesis games) I downloaded FBL 1.5, and a zip pack with new games updated from FBL 1.3 to 1.5. I used the FBL 1.5 file with RomCenter to check my old roms. And ... It seems that some roms (CPS1, CPS2, etc.) still not work with the new FBL 1.5 version And they are not included into the updated roms pack 1.3 to 1.5 I found. For instance : pang3, dynasty wars, hyper street fighter 2 Anniversary Collection, etc. It seems that the right roms for these are the MAME compatible roms ?? I am right ? And why can't we use some old FBL 1.3/FBAlpha roms with FBL1.5, since they worked fine before ? Thanks. PS: Apologise a french guy for his bad english
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