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Flame on?

Mega Man (?)

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Bit off topic there..


Just to let you know, waal was placed on moderation yesterday, the last chance. However he continued on with his rule breaking, so now he is finished here.


NEIL222 then tried his luck, and is now also on moderation.


If anyone else would like to follow waal, now is your chance.


Megaman(?) for some reason the rule refers to forums in particular, because (it seems) they could be seen as competition. Blogs and other sites can be linked to, as long as they don't link to things we'd rather not know about, or they rubbish this site.

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Understood ;)


Well, some one has to hold down fort here,



Despite all the (let me just call it) goofiness around here,

this forum "is" part of the community,

and the Xtras team "does" have something positive to offer. :D



Can someone at least just warn me before I get warned :)




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Ok cool, :D


Believe it or not Robert....


The first person to bring up (lets just call it, "my" personal site ), in countless slanderous posts, was are man here himself. :)


Let me remind you that he is a staff member....


Is your forum prepared to take responsibility for such negative talk (on another site) ?

or, just the mentioning of it in general?


He was the one who was telling people to go there, (in a condescending fashion of course)


Again, I just ask for cooperation and respect of the forum rules, on everyone's account. ;)

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