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  1. Great to see you back Kenshiro an unexpected pleasure ! Moooooooooooooooo!
  2. NICE, now this is what im talking about! cool way to find new games, forgot to mention dizzy on spectrum, xevious on nes and supermarioland on gameboy (only super mario I completed as a child!)
  3. mines. snes contra 3 hagane gradius 3 super mario world and yoshis island nightmare busters(unreleased game) cotton 100% master system fantasy zone 2 wonderboy 3 the dragons trap psycho fox and lots more megadrive streets of rage series sonic series and sonic cd thunderforce 3 and 4 gynoug forgotten worlds ghouls n ghosts final fight cd also fast striker on the dreamcast. cool, lots of games i've never played. Thanks for sharing the joy as always Fu
  4. Hey Guys, What are your favourite emulated games on the xbox that run well? I'll get the ball rolling: Lylat Wars - because its sheer childish fun SEGA- Comix Zone - its cool and edgy SNES - Super R-Type - Graphical sprite beauty! If anyone has any suggestions from outside the box that would be useful! After all it is all about the games
  5. hi, if you ever do get a "sticky" drive and manage to open it leave a blank disc in it all the time that seems to fix the problem I'd try it one last time, press the button then tap vigorously directly on top of the xbox right above the drive. I've softmodded over 30 xboxes and its worked every time for me
  6. Im happy too, coinops was good in its own right but was ultimately causing a lot of developers to feel they had been cheated, an upsetting a lot of members of the forum. I am very happy with the result and can't believe how lucky the result was If people still want to find coinops and deal with its maker then a quick google search should suffice for them. Plus we already got members like Fu posting game releases etc thats enough for most of us. Just a shame so many people got pi**ed off and left. Good people. I agree with everything T said I think things will pick up given time to heal. At least the rest of us can have a sensible chat in the meantime
  7. Shame, you could've turned it into a media centre or a kick ass emulator compendium. Oh well at least it's a good metaphor
  8. And just like that all was well with 1Emulation once more Good work peeps be sure to point it out when anyone breaks the new rules. We can make Roberts life easier and refer him to any misdemeanors. Enter a new era of respect and accountability. NICE
  9. you are a newbe poster like your friends...and everyone knows you dont have skills It is twighlight here I know and ill leave when people have learnt how to get the help they deserve....without the trouble makers they dont deserve ill leave this and it will just fall off the bottom as they all do cause no one gives a rats crap about you guys and your issues Careful BP, we all have to get on here now, even you. Read the new rules, you're breaking them already. Think you are breaking rule 3 with your sig too, tsk tsk
  10. Well, the results were actually 57% in favour but there you go, not bad considering all the people who left/got banned because of conflict with him. nice rule change/implementation maybe things will improve "I will cease my pleas" as requested hope the rules will be observed.
  11. Hi Everyone, First of Robert thanks for bothering to "moderate." Now maybe you will bother to follow the results of this pole. Forum members old and new have decided we don't want BP here anymore. Wanna sort out this section ban BP, simple as that. C'mon admit it your life would be easier and our lives would be happier. Do you really care if there is a slight dip in visits if it means cleaning the place up. You said your trigger finger is itchy, be a real man and use your "powers" to clean the place up. If you don't ban this guy at least give us the real reason why. Otherwise all you will be left with is anger and BP and BP fans. Can you live with that? Its torn this section apart and driven off all other developers. Ok well thats me banned. Sorry to all you genuine users out there, the world is an unfair place run by idiots. This forum is no exception. As to my identity this may give a clue to old forum members. "So long and thanks for all the EMUS " So long guys
  12. Nice blog, it suits you there. You only come here to let off steam and wind people up, why not give someone else a chance now. You've got your blog, its very nice. Why do you have to return and cause trouble? You believe in polls, see what the people want. If people really do want you to stay here causing trouble when you have a perfectly good blog then good luck to them I say. If coinops is really worth it then vote now please or forever hold your "peace"
  13. Its because he actively destroys everything, absorbs it and takes over. You cannot ignore a destructive force like that. Its ok, my work is already done now. Thanks for the pms of support people!
  14. you are using my work in your N64 emulator, I dont use your work for anything. you owe me, not the other way around
  15. If you go then we will be left with the good members, but you cant leave no matter how hard you try, because of your ego it needs feeding so you come back like a rat does cheese
  16. surely there is more to the xbox than coinops. how bp must be laughing to see you defend him
  17. I could be anyone, even an old member, who knows. I dont want to be taken seriously. I want you to realise something
  18. very noble considering they way you have been treated. We can move on. Lets do it. Who's got the balls and will be with me?
  19. back on topic please. I am merely seeing who thinks this place would be better without childish behaviour all the time. Im just seeing who would like a place where everyone gets on. I think coinops flamewars are really the only thing keeping this place alive, it would be nice to let something else develop, and create an environment where people can talk reasonably and respect each other. Respect is a two way thing. We have the unofficial coinops blog, we have coinops, we have xtras. Do we really need all the bullshit here? Vote now!
  20. Seems like all trouble stems from one place. Remove the cancer and there will b a period of healing but overall the body will survive Leave the cancer and the whole body will die. Should BP leave the forum or stay, lets see what people really want.
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