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CoinOps - ShowRoom X XBOX-iND


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************CoinOPS_StandALONE_X_XBOX-iND************ (Just the emulator at about 80megs)

************CoinOPS_ShowROOM_X_LITE_XBOX-iND************ (Best of arcades collection that will fit to DVD with videos...a very refined good collection 4.5gigs)

************CoinOPS_ShowROOM_X_XBOX-iND************ (Massive amount of arcade games and console arcade type of games all with pictures and videos...a large collection at about 15gigs)


all builds can run on different saves so they can run side by side




Vision Of CoinOPS


To produce a simple launcher....thats plays all your favorite games and can be picked up by anyone and used in my Mum or a 5 year old first time user....


Process to do CoinOPS stuff


- For Help or to report Issues PM me....ill report back to you via PM and I may reply in the offical thread in this forum only

- For anyone that wants to join the team PM me....the features and things are added need to be duscused via MSN...and ill block anyone that trolling

- For info from a user point of view to what is happening come to the Main CoinOPS thread and view the latest stuff (Note this is locked due to trolls but ill be on PM for sure the link to the thread is http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=31894 and find the latest posts)

- No other threads will be answered by me or discussed regarding CoinOPS


Reson for New Process


- Trolls giving misdirection and making proper support problematic

- People with no knowledge of coding or the project giving misinformation about the product

- People with no knowledge of coding or the project giving misinformation about me

- People with no knowledge of coding or the project giving misinformation about other projects

- A general want by some to do what ever it takes to disrupt the project

- I dont wish to work with these people, personalities aside, I truely have seen there stuff and dont believe in there abilities or vision

- I need a more reliable process to help people that truely require help

- I need a more robust way of discussing features

- Many times ive given the people the time to help you and it fails so time and time again ive seen the users let down

- A general low qaulity of support across all forums to truely help the users

- A lot of misinformation about how hard or easy a feature is to put in on all project. Most of the time its just asking the correct person the correct way as he has to spend the time to make it happen


Feature Discussion


Normally people think I disagree with features...its normally that I disagree with the way they are placed in...they need to be automatic as possible and seemless to the user...if the effect on the user is greater than the feature it wont be added. Also people must realise that 95percent of the time I must code this so you must meet my requirement so I will spend my time to add this stuff


Whats Best For You


- If you just love and use CoinOPS keep an eye on the offical thread title and posts they will keep you informed of a release.

- If you want to particate lightly just PM

- If you want to help and be part of the project PM and set up an MSN link


My Promises


I promise to keep moving ahead nearly on a daily basis if you want to be part of it I recommend you follow the Process it will work. Cheers everyone

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ok got it, and must say whats the difference from the last build (other than just adding console roms which isnt really an improvment not really a step backwards but really no step forward), I see why CoinOps was and is never gonna get uploaded to xbins it would look like this + I dont think xbins would have room for the same shit over and over....



CoinOps Mold

CoinOps Ignite

CoinOps Reignite

CoinOps Combustion

CoinOps Showcase

CoinOps Showroom


-oh and i left alot of the stuff out in between like R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R8 R9 R10 R11 R12 R13 R14 ect ect


ps: I tried the console games and compared them to the madmab emus I must say your getting the shortend of the stick if you use console games on CoinOps so my advice to anyone delete anything related to consoles, this does load the arcade roms a bit slower compared to older versions so I think Ill delete this and use an older version until I see improvement! imho :)




Uploaded with ImageShack.us

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lol good to see u kenshiro!


The one thing arcade games lack is an allowance mode, it just gets a bit boring and repetitive with infinite credits, there's just no challenge when you know you can play forever


spoils it everytime I play a new game for me

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The GUI of CoinOPS, bringing all under 1 roof is exactly what the Xport/madmab/XBMC combo is lacking.

The idea is brilliant and much appreciated by me.

Yes, madmab has loads of features that aren't in CoinOPS, and may never be in.

Personally I miss saving and patches the most.


So why not create a best of both ?


Instead of this flame-war, you could be working on a Xport GUI, (or a re-write of Xport / XBMC

that would bring all games under 1 roof,

with the advantages of sorting features like genre,

getting back to the games-list without rebooting xbox and at the same sport you left it from,

ability to boot xbox games.


There's obviously enough people wanting this, yet nobody is coding it.

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