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off to develop.....Thread closed due to trolls


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Anyways as we all know cba and waal are newbes and trolls and im not so ill ignor them we all know its childs games as no one uses any other mame build now unless they dont know or are plan silly...ffor starters it misses 1000s of games...lots of features and 1000s of fixes for current games...... best of luck level one trolls


FBL which was not built from the ground up....we can thank iq for FBL more than anyone knows and also 90percent of code is xports....im sorry they are bitter as they have spent 4 years on there stuff and I dont respect it and no one goes to there threads or downloads there stuff im sorry thats the case....for them but they should do stuff people want or they just look like bitter people that cant except no one is coming to there party with them....and when I added this stuff to CoinOPS i fixed alot of the issues with it....so thanks again IQ i see you stuff thought all the Final Burn sources and it does operate so smoothly...

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Haha... "The world according to BP (plouf !)" aka "Coinops & Revisionism (very) LTD.". Always funny. Please don't change. I'd like to read you for the next four years..

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there has been more games added alot more in ShowROOM plus more after :)


you should do a bit more research befor you post


title Demon Front (ver. 102)

set name dmnfrnt

manufacturer IGS

year 2002

genre Platform (hof)

category Platform / Shooter Scrolling (hof)

driver status preliminary


please research a bit before you say adding a game as alot of the time its allready going and its just setup issues or not even supported in Mame

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cores will be part of the vote...not sure sound support is best bang for buck time wise for me



Are you referring to suggestion 4 or 3 or both ?


3) Upgraded CD support for PSX / SegaCD / PCE-CD so all cores play all needed formats.

I hate using old low quality MP3 rips, while I have TOSEC and REDUMP sets being 100 % accurate copies.


4) Adding of FLAC (and/or APE) audio support to CD support, so you can save 40% in size and still have 100% quality


Suggestion 3 is pretty important, since rip sets aren't easily found, and usually riddled with incorrect rips.

The only one I can find is the Xtras set....

TOSEC and REDUMP are 100% verified and correct copies.


There's a great TOSEC set for SegaCD, all it needs to play is external WAV support.

Xport already plays the WAV audio, if it's included on the disc, and it plays external MP3,

so making it play external WAV doesn't sound like that big a deal,

but then again, I can't code at all,

so I'm just guessing here.

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