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off to develop.....Thread closed due to trolls


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1) The mentioned cores :


PSX core

C64 core



2) I would love to see profiles (and integration with XBMC profiles), so 1 setup can fit multiple users. (Or hold multiple setups for a single user)


3) Upgraded CD support for PSX / SegaCD / PCE-CD so all cores play all needed formats.

I hate using old low quality MP3 rips, while I have TOSEC and REDUMP sets being 100 % accurate copies.


4) Adding of FLAC (and/or APE) audio support to CD support, so you can save 40% in size and still have 100% quality

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OK im looking at what people want.....alot seem to want alot more Console games and for the lists to be added to and all videos etc cleaned....


But for the next few days ill let you request stuff after that ill be adding a vote for this and that will last for a week or 2 after that ill do it...


also for the non coding features if people want a massive list of stuff ill be looking at creating a team of people as this stuff is faily easy to do and add....

So for the next few days its your chance to say what should be in the vote....


PS cba waal etc will be ignored and not even commented on for obvious reasons....Good luck all

But, but.. I liike you soo much.


Oh lord, I beg you. Please have mercy and solve that loading issue. I've been talking with these kids at the orphanage and they'd be sooo happy if you do so. They can't wait 3:27 (minutes and then seconds. I specify, just in case.) for Donkey Kong to load. By the way, you'd be kind if you send us a second joypad too. There's people waiting and they're running out of milk.

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Thrown out, eh ?


Mhhh... I bet it's the depression...


I always knew it, you're the John Steinbeck of the emulation !


Dans mes bras, my idol !


I'm Emile Zola the greek !

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My fix ?????

Don't lay that shit at my feet, clean up your own mess, i've done enough for you already.

Here's my advice - use the far superior FBL built from the ground up by a real Dev, the proof is in the using, in conjunction with Mameox128 for you arcade needs and the Xport Madmab emu's, although i believe that's what you doing when using CoinOps.

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In all seriousness, i will possibly download one of you builds when you change it over to XBMC code just to see how much further you have come. Unfortunately im not expecting much.

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