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off to develop.....Thread closed due to trolls


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Shit I forgot Killer Instinct core.... thats easy if I could get any of the sources to compile as ive allready out the code into the CoinOPS default.xbe to run these


Proof of concept. Copy-Paste-Compile. This is what you call a real coder job. So skilled, so creative.


to waal your, I was talking about misinformation about CoinOPS...everytime you guys think im talking about other stuff I could care less about....CoinOPS stuff is over xbox scene and your rx threads and complete balls up help, its funny to me....its level one faults and all the wrong info to fix it...I dont even think about the other stuff I tried it once show it to friends and no one wanted it so ill probably never look at it again as its likely to get more stuff im not interested in.....Get over yourself truely I dont give your stuff any thought if you stayed out to me I wouldnt see anything to do with it really...the threads are pretty dead for that stuff and soon disapear...but I wish you all the best...leave here and get back to it....in stead of reading into stuff wrongly learn and help people properly without to much misinformation

Please get your facts straight before you start protecting everyones virtues....the only virtue is you guys offer newbe help....im sorry if that sounds harse but I know its 100percent acurate....please learn about CoinOPS or send them to PM me or else really you are of no help to them...


You moron. It is you who once again started mocking on RessurectionX in this specific thread. Just read again what you wrote in the first post. And it's not the first time. I'm not certain you are so self-confident when I see how often you do this.


You are actually the one that is bitter, who disinform and who lies.


I am the one who usually don't care about your piece of junk but who has made an obligation to answer to your insults. I told you this from the start: each time you'll open your bad mouth on our collective, I'll be here to answer and re-establish the truth. I've gave facts right here and they are easy to verify.


So if you want me to go, just stop bullshiting on my people. That's simple, focus on your work, stop pissing on others work and you'll be in peace. Even I still believe you're a liar and an hypocrite.


By the way, congratulations. I can see here how much your work is popular. Sixteen (16) votes so far. Huge success. I'm impressed. Too bad you can't merge polls too. Mwahaha.

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hehehehe waal your a joke dude plain and simple......Im the fighter of right waal I dont have my own stuff and you dont listen to me so ill crucide and show everyone that they are wrong.....his stuff suxs im right and your all wrong and ill keep trying to tell each and everyone of you by coming into your area cause you wont come to mine and tell you...you all are wrong I say so....BP suxs......I tell you no matter how long I have to stop this stuff and let you all know im not a cock but im actually helping you....with my no skills approach and misinformation....but hey at least im hanging around on other people cause I cant get any traction on my own even though I tried a few times :) a joke....unfortuantly waal you are serious


Im sure many listen to you and are running for the hills :) my stuff hardly gets any interest now....its buggy as and whats more I have no idea what makes a good product and what doesnt...I cant code...ummm all this other stuff we all know is complete crap....if you believe this stuff your the only one and you want to believe it....ive proven time and time again this isnt true and you can try and tell people otherwise but come on...do you really expect people to believe you........


best of luck on your cruciade waal....you will fail for sure...but hey hang on for years if you want its a fight worth fighting im sure....one day ill retire to other stuff and you can say you defeated me :)

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OK people want to kill here as well :) off to develop.....Thread closed due to trolls


17 votes in well less than a day or so, that would normally go to about 30-35 is typical after a week, also some many new unique users that cant vote...come to my threads...grab the stats of your threads :) you are luck to get 17 people ever view it and no one ever returns apart from you, ive proven this so many times we all know its true its so obvious that I know you know you guys have no respect what so ever and no one at all takes anything you say seriously...you dont even get 17 downloads on alot of your packs and 4 years in the making what a complete waste of time...build after build after build CoinOPS continue to own, time and time again with the last current survey done showing 100 percent useage of CoinOPS on every xbox and that the only one of the emus to do that by along way........hehehehe even the big one like SNES has so few downloads...the first day owns you and it picks up from there...

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