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well I hate that xtra rubbish so I wont be adding it...



Dude... seriously....


Is it really necessary to say stuff like that?


is the truth.....about how I feel I dont ask you to like it...but I wont be doing it....


I can lie to you and say tell me more about it....if you want?

but in truth its so easy to code if I wanted it in...it would have been there along time ago...patch is welcomed if it inserts and doesnt effect anything else...I wont be doing it or supporting it as I think its clutter



I actually couldn't give two shits if my stuff makes it into your project, and actually would prefer if it didn't. That's an exclusivity I feel only towards your own project because of all of the nasty things you've said about mine. Anyone else, I'm very happy to see my stuff in their project. There are people right now prepping my stuff for XBox 360 and PC emulation as we speak.


I understand you think it's clutter and everyone can have their own opinion. It's the words you use man. You "HATE" the Xtras? Seriously? You hate them that much that you must constantly insult my work?


How about keep your goddamned mouth shut if you don't have anything nice to say? What part of the world were you born where they don't teach their children any people skills at all?


You're a brilliant programmer BP, but you have the personality of a wet noodle.

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im sorry......


your stuff is a joke to me.......a collection of pictures and screenshots and you didnt even think of portability of names.....your stuff compaired to great sites like hyperspin and emu movies to people I know is a joke and 98 percent are from there anyways.....I had that stuff in 2 days and way more than you released as you know.....why do I have to wait years for you to remove all the names and rebox them for me when they are correct and there on day one.


RX I love seeing you but seriously your threads now clocking at 1/4 of mine and you keep coming here...I know my direction and I know your direction....I wish you luck that it will pick up but for me as I say im happy with my direction....but cheers for the advice about how I should do things.......your threads on that stuff where amusing but I was just hoping you would quit and actually do something of use for people instead of coming in here...you know I read your list of CoinOPS stuff and found it amusing...it has 100s of easy errors and you even know lots of them and you taged so many of the all time classics as not working when they are......hey I know you love bugs by that list.....and wont listen so good luck with the bugs.............like the final burn ones that I sorted.....you guys wont listen and I see people are finding them over time and they where normally pretty easy to fix in sd and hd.....and people are finding some hidden stuff in CoinOPS as you see that didnt happen by accident and are just unduccemented cause I cant be arsed explaining it to you guys as you know best but cant actually fix it but will tell me how things run.


Hey by the way you dont have to answer dude good luck........im sure your stuff will grow like the wind and you can smile again and leave me alone....as you know I could care less about your stuff I wish you guys could care less about my stuff....dont reply I know your feelings and dude im sad for the way things have gone......but you didnt listen so why should I listen especially when I do your type of stuff with ease and alot more and way faster....but hey great respect good luck and leave me alone dude I dont want your stuff

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I'm not telling you how to do things.


I'm just telling you that you're being an asshole now should consider other people's feelings before the diarrhea spills from your fingers onto this thread.



The only reason I keep posting in your thread is because you keep bringing up my work to insult it.


Ask around man... I don't go insulting your work in any of my threads. On the contrary, I've had nothing but praise for your work in my threads.



You, however, are an ass, and you apparently always will be.




Stop mentioning me, my team, and my project and I won't be posting here anymore.

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I have not tried CoinOps reignite yet, as I am waiting for X Showcase, but regarding video previews, you are all aware about CrashTest MAME video & screenshot packs right? If not, you might consider using them for CoinOps.


The guy used to release lossless pixel perfect (i.e. no resampling nor aspect-ration correction) video capture packs of quite some MAME games in MNG+MP3 format and screenshot packs in PNG format for pretty much all MAME games around v0.9x times.


They are hard to find, but they seem to still have them at MameChannel.it. There might be other places too.

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I dont insult you , if you where gone I couldnt care less... I dont want anything to do with you rx....get over it :) good luck to you....all I said was I hate that xtra rubbish meaning on the skins....you are so parinoid dude...I dont care about your screenshots and things, I pay them no attention....this was to do with stuff in my thread...rx get over yourself..stop being parinoid as said now and 100 times I dont care about your stuff or what your doing.....it has no use to me and I really dont even think about it...this stuff is to do with stuff in my thread and although your parinoid and think im talking about you....you need to seek help for this and chill out...in reality I give your stuff no thought and if I added the support for xtras would do them in a few days for Showroom from other sources that are named the way I want them to be and really this is the easiest part of the process for me and just an hour of work.......


cheers pedrito for mame stuff I cant view that site and Showcase X is done....but i would be interested to look at that stuff for sure....it sounds exactly what id like....pm me your msn and ill work with you.....im aware of CrashTest hes the mame for mame xtras from ages ago...I love his stuff and if hes improving it id love to try it al out...Cheers brother PM your MSN ill add you

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Total venom, you chase away anyone who you see as competition in what you believe is a show of one upmanship when really it is the drivelling of a disturbed mind.


edit - i decided to remove this post, not nice for kids etc.... the people I wanted to read it have done so thats fine for me :)

Edited by sbpaabck
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Man you are such a total prick. So you could give people what they want but you decide to leave it just outside of their grasp, what a total narcissistic twat!




Honestly you really need a good fucking slap, not even a kicking just a bitch slap. I can't believe I ever admired the work of suck a cock.


Total venom, you chase away anyone who you see as competition in what you believe is a show of one upmanship when really it is the drivelling of a disturbed mind.


Que threats of leaving: man I really don't care i'd be glad to see you gone blah blah im a newbie I don't know my ass from a line of code well guess what I don't give a fuck there's so much more to life than being a total cock with some code.




Stop spewing your foul, twisted frankly repetitive put downs and do something constructive for a change. I bet people would come here for things other than coinops if you promoted a positive attitude toward anything other than your twisted visions.


Basically you are a selfish cunt not happy doing things for yourself you have to release 2nd rate (to your own "amazing" perfect build) in order to get some recognition in your otherwise meaningless existence.


I don't know how i've managed to bite my tongue for so long. Man, every time somebody gives you some praise or kindness you either lap it up or try to grind them into the ground with bragging and code and twisted visions.




don't worry i've said my piece im done here, just one last time to make me feel better YOU ARE A TOTAL COCK, I do however use coinops (when im bored with everything else) so thank you ;o)


Please use PW next time !


Edited by dziad
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you know I wont listen to that!!!! you guys are so bitter....the reason for not released is explained in this thread...its bandwidth issues only...I could care less if you use it or you dont....I know many do and arnt bitter people like you guys.....to call me selfish is silly....ive fixed and added everything for people except rx and cba as told everyone they had there stuff under control so I dont fix and let them do it...my lists go on and on and on and in much more places than this site...I see comments about stuff here that ive done and you guys have no idea and this is because you guys are dicks about it...yet are are nice about other stuff these are lol moments for me


and anyways people do come here, more and more new people....you are the person that needs to do constructive stuff...I do constructive stuff daily....and why the thread and download sites reflect this....


I know you actually like to beleive coming here will stop this stuff but in reality what ive said has come more and more true over time so I really dont listen to you guys and name calling and I know my next stuff will be greatly appreactiated.....and that will happen with or without your stuff...comments or insults....as it allways has done.....enjoy CoinOPS and chill out or dont its not the end of the world you use more products than you know daily that ive done lol....it means nothing to me and I have a great life....beatifull GF and a great job....but thanks for being concerned :D

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hey sbpaabch its sad you beleive this and come here....its sad you really need to just not read this thread... comment else where on all you want...you guys come in here ive left everywhere else to help you guys out (I have noticed all that stuff dieing but thats up to you to retrieve it and run your own course) and I have no problems not going to your threads....you really need to not come to this thread if you feel that way and you can contiunue to live in harmony...dont worry your not the only one but there are so many that want a thread and not for your guys input of this nature...there are even alot of threads about removing me and about how my stuff suxs and polls post on those...its allways a small few but really please join them I dont care and support the threads....in fact asked for some to be made for you guys to show you your in the minority...


hey if you cant hand the heat stay out the kitchen....I know you dont believe it or think im being nasty but im say the truth about pics and stuff as show in the orig Showcase this was done in a week...and no team on it and all in hd as requesed after the first build was in sd...plus all pics etc and not one reported bug....but this is irralivant if you really dont want to here it stay away for your sake not mine....


if not you will be disturbed by a cock and a narcissitic one that threatens stuff and doesnt spend the time to do stuff and turns on people and hates people or something like that








if not its all good but serves about the same purpose it allways has....absolutly feck all

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