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CoinOPS 2 (old dev site)


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I think it would make most sense just to release the files. If we do RARs - someone would have to upload them and then we'd all have to download the 22gbs again.


That would delay the torrent by a week or so I'm guessing.


Phil are you releasing the raw files or rar's?
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all synced now....im ready when you are guys.....


also I upped alot of psx videos....maybe if wanted I could give you the roms for the pack but it will blow the size though the roof


Oh wow, yes please guys, that would be awesome. As complete a pack as possible, especially if they're working 100% ok with save states etc. I dont mind about size because I have fast broadband and large hdds.


Please make this happen and avaliable ASAP, all those involved, many thanks

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You don't respond me about your Daphne Laser Disc emulation ... :)

I don't really understand what games you are emulate ?

You speak about Dragon's lair ... but are you emulate all the games like Daphnex ?



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thats not in the upload....dragons lair....well it is in a way and so is space ace....in the retrospective area...but no playable...im not uploading the 9 gigs for it...but its easy to add and done now


as for your final burn update its in CoinOPS its pretty much up to date with all of FBA in fact its later than the full release as iq was kind enough to give me the new stuff not yet there....its at least one year later than the legends...you could just use my sources and patch it in....its a two min job and done for you...theres no point in me doing it

and COINOPS has 1000s of games not in finalburn legends inclusing 50 final burn games not in legends...and misses no games final burn can do .... and can run most in Mame or Final burn core.....best of luck with your icon and screenshot packs...this was done years ago and gets tiresome full sets have been out for years for mame and for final burn and full sets of videos as well...to reinvent this stuff is silly.....


OK guys release will be tommorrow id say......ill let people talk of stuff that was done years ago and them live with the bugs issues and updates they refuse to notice and let you guys live with them...I wont be......


dark I wont be responding to you for a while no offense but all I see you talk about was done long ago...and you ask for help from people that dont know stuff so ill leave you to it...best of luck brother :) you will need it

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no offense ... no offense ... i really don't understand why it is always the WAR here !!!!!


I'm just a user, like many others i think, who like playing old games on the old xbox with his familly and friends ...

I search always the more easyer sytem, and the more beautifull possible ... like every one ...

Easyer for little childrens who love playing old games ...

Beautifull, because on an HD screen it is better for the eyes :)


I have also like many guys a single 500Go on my xbox !

And i search to spend less space possible ... only one rom by game if possible !

I will use SMB when all emulators will support it ... but not every one can do it and has a NAS.


I think you should stop the war and just do what you like ... playing and coding coinOPS with the guys who want do it too !

If some one one don't like your project, it will not use it and it is over ... not a reason to make war again ...


I like your project, i like FBL, i like xtras, i like news A600 emulators ... i don't want to make a choice !!!

I want to use them like i want and ask question when i have some ...


In french : Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité ... là je trouve que ça s'applique parfaitement !!!

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for me, BP is a little genius, for some, a thief, even a joke... i really admire his work and i cant wait for the future release...but....hey, he seems to be one fucking *******...always loosing time with childish behavior...the guy must have some complex ....always agressing peoples or "making war" like Darknior said.


But yes, despite that...BP is one fucking genius :P and his work is awesome.

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