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CoinOPS 2 (old dev site)


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team zod cant use photoshop maybe cba ill get this stuff removed .... they have there own tumbleweed thread now im not there


man they are so bitter my threads owning all there threads combined on there site :) lol such suxy numbers the only thread with hits (not theres) they have to come to...they have tried everything else....but everything they do fails.....everything lol what newbe...with no support and the same people patting each other on the back I can only feel sorry for these losers...and sore losers at that.......poor pathetic losers that cant succeed on xbox scene, xtras, threads here or many other site......as I say again cba 300 view with multiple releases in 6 months....same time for this one 100,000 releases.....its pathetic really



Im updating a few cores at present......to get some new games going

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I am always amazed by the new coinops releases... keep up the good work!!!!

I don't fully understand who are these people you are talking about BritneysPAIRS , but why bother? your work brought xbox emulation to a whole new level tbh! keep it up man!

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CoinOPS 2 is now in the process of the hopefull releaser testing it today...he should have it today as well :)


It will have all the files it needs games videos and support files....as soon as I know the its in some hands has it and spends an hour on it...ill release info on it....looks like it should be soon

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added support for multiple sound track....


10 tracks per sound track like beofre but you can select from packs....


if anyone can submit 10 track soundtracks I might add them to a default build...id need a name as well like Rock...or Techno....or anything that describs the sound track....


added right thumbstick


up/down change track in a sound track if random...

left/right change sound track...if enabled


also dsplays the name of the sound track....

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