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private build is nearly ready....ill let you know when its done....


public build will be talked about who wants it tonight also features...if no one wants it with the restrictions that all consoles cant be removed then I wont both with the process...people I know are fine with it anyways....

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The locks BP is putting in won't stop CoinOps from working the way it always has. I believe its only intention is to make it that you cannot delete roms.


Which prevents those of us with factory hard drives from enjoying the latest updates. Unless of course I could stream everything from my Server.

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Hmmm I didn't realise the locks ment no roms can be removed... I have several pals who don't even have a PC nevermind a network ... anychance of a duel release for stock hdd too with just the classics? If not no worries they can just have R9

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yes for everyone that doesnt except the rules which will be out soon its the end of the road for CoinOPS :) its been a great ride....


I told people how to fix it :) if you cant do it your end ... im doing it my end.... everyone I know is fine with it....you guys can discuss this as you see fit.... there is only one solution my side I code in stuff to stop misinformation and as I expand if it contiunes ill code more serve methods to cost people alot of time if they purposly try and change things to continue misinformation.... im very sure this is the way im going now and have built the new vision around this...


I am 100 percent happy with this as it will limit my support needed..... as I say no more will be said on this matter...you guys know my view...you know why ive done it....if you dont like it you guys can branch a project no worries or sort it out your side.....it wastes my time talking to people and as im about to move high in my field to a level you guys would be surprised by I wont have so much time with the funny stuff...but I wish to continue on my passions for myself......ill continues anyways for me and my friends as I always have done....its really up to you guys what you want....


you can remove alot of games with no worries....if you try and nuke all consoles it will lock you out....streaming is fine....just a percentage of games will have to be consoles....and the xbes will be encypted


you have been warned enough and I hope im wrong.....but from my side things continue on and ill hold my side up.... its sadly a few that are causing me grief and to save me time ill gladely hand that grief to a few users to save me having it


Best of luck....the future is in your guys hands but im doing whats best for me...... no more will be said on this..... ill concentrate on the release ... maybe it ends here for alot of people but for me I know 300+ games are added to this release....50+ games have been fixed in this release....more features and some new things that can be expanded like skins and retrospectives....



To the private users all is ready now sync away..... public info out tommorrow

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1) a percentage of consoles must remain.....

2) a minimium game count will need to be met....

3) the xbes will be encrypted so hex editing wont work for game saves or other altering....

4) warning if to many games are added with issues like rx version (just a warning to tell you its likely to contain issues)


so you can add what you want....deleted alot of games if you want...the rules around the numbers wont be anounced but you would have to take to CoinOPS 2 build with a chainsaw to hit these...eg remove all console games....CoinOPS raped version etc would will not work...rx build would just say its awsome but theres setup issues read the readme to fix these....

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