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OK work carries on as per normal...thanks Bigby sorry about that I just knew it would go that way....you think there is no misinformation well cba says I use xtras videos when it was me that worked on them all and handed them over from emumovies.com....so A I was the one that worked and did them and B they are all from emumovies.com origonally...as said all the emumovies/xtras handed over where not good enough for epic on consoles so they got redone.....I know this isnt misinformation this is a little part of my life..... im sorry the people you run with dont respect the truth....but best of luck


sources....Well as said many times ive never seen them used for anything so ill probably only release them every 6 plus months....unless some proves themselves....no offense it just wastes my time....95percent of source changes are in there....core sources where released a year ago and where unchanged from r1 to r8 they have been altered alot I guess and next time i give over sources ill release them


as there is a new GUI and look coming in at present....I knwo people will once again hassle me for them.... :) if you really wanted to help and had the skills over help...if you really want help and cant really help much bat your case here

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New Gui features now in BETA....should be all done in the next few days....wonder how many theams I should add or maybe one only that can be changed....anyways the code is in BETA


Midway cheats add and cleaning up the midway core



Sweeettttttt.... Xmas has come early again.... Thanks BP....


PS it would be nice to see as many themes as you can add please, (maybe a CAB based theme) one is cool though :)


can wait to check it out


Thanks again

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Is it possible to have the list of the 128Mo rom games ?

Because if we launch them and we don't know i will not understand why one game is not working :(

Or the best will ba to add them an ICON loke for the NOT SOUND games to see in the list what are working or not on our 64Mo xbox :)


I have tested the R8 version :)

Really thanks for it :D

But it is not really kool :(


- At the begining i don't have this problem but now when i clic START button on the menu my xbox freeze ! (crash)

- I have the gele information in the lenu before i have the bug and is a kool option to read tips an tricks before playing :D

But i do not see games with all the move list ... have you some exemple ?

- An other thing not kool, when we play a game with final burn we lost all the mame options :(

No cheat menu, no move list in game ????

Is it a solution for it ?



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Hopefully you find someone to do animations, a sexy new theme would be luvly!

skinning options would be cool though, bit of personalization is always a nice option to have.


I have a request if it's viable to implement... can I tell coinops where my xbox games are from the menu?

i've had a bunch of trouble mucking around with pointer files and all that, I still can't launch xbox games from coinops... it isn't very user friendly as it is.

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OK for those that want to change the background or add color to the skin I decided to see how easy this was with the default gui...so in about 10-15mins I came up with this...Note this is way more advanced now


but you can change you own backdrop-list.png to whatever you like..(also note the changes in the skin file and see how easy it is I changed 2 pictures...no xmls at all....with a few hours the skin can be setup way more)




Show me Pictures of your best one....


have a play theres loads of new stuff in the GUI like animated video wallpaper instead of wallpaper....also a blackout for when the video is playing....




Fixed some small bugs likes returning from the screensaver when in game info the wrong video size stuck....

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hey bp i had a quick question for ya, on some of the nintendo vs. games, like vs balloon fight and vs. tennis, its shows the dual screen like it was in the arcades, is there a way to just have one of the screens show up and not both? just wondering if maybe you know how to fix this??

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