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CoinOPS 2 (old dev site)


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R8 will be out in the next week :) and little surprise for you guys in the next 24 hours....a list of moves you can add and tidy up if you want...they are mostly done but dont look right for me to put into the full package...eg the colums dont line up....


eg (if someone tidies them up a bit all of them or some of them ill add them properly in standby builds) not alot of game infos have been added and fixed so now its pretty much a perfect set from R8 on


Breakers/Breakers Revenge



_A: Weak Punch

_B: Weak Kick

_C: Strong Punch

_D: Strong Kick


[Common Commands]


close(L)/® + C: Body Throw




Special Moves:

KouRyuuga ^4® + A/_C

SenkyuTai ^2_8 + B/_D


Super Attacks:

HoushinRenha ^4®(L)® + A/_C

ShinkyokuRembu ^4®(L)® + B/_D

RenkyuuTai ^1(RD)(LD)(RU) + B/_D(Tap)



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Thought I'd start a CoinOPS thread at EmuXtras.. let's spread the word of all that is great about Xbox!


I hope to see you post your comments there BP :)


(Was gonna direct link to the thread, but might be against rules, just search CoinOPS!) (click my emuxtras sig)

Edited by Bigby
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as if I will post there will be funny to see the mass misinformation and people thanking them for it :).....


ive said a 100 times your stuff is pretty much dead in hits now....same people go to multiple threads post the same thing and same people thank people like they discovered it when the have been posting about it on other sites...and now its so sad to see the posts on those sites...and I do think its sad....


you have people over there that are plain newbes to me....they cut off there nose to spit there faces and tell me I dont know what im doing and everyone knows its just a joke...


Best of luck but as I told people time and time again im fine here and its all I need.....I hope your thread goes well others should tell people if they want help come here if not best of luck....cba pretty much got it wrong ever single time when he offered help in one way or another and thought he didnt...then wouldnt listen to advice...and that philospy spreads though there...cut off your nose to spit your face.....head in the sand...


so as ive said for years and years ive seen many of you come and go with lots of hot air....you think I want your work even and I have no intension of it my vision is clear and allways has been and nothing ive seen from there fits into it...but others visions are more aligned with mine and there are lots now so maybe it could work better...you guys should not be so parinoid I dont want anything of yours even if you dont beleive me...also you should honor open sources its plain wrong not to.....especially as I know where most xtras are from

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We do occasionally get asked about running arcade games on Xbox, so hopefully this thread will help newcomers. There is a link back to your CoinOPS thread, so they can come here aswell for any answers they may have.


Look forward to adding the link to R8 when it's released. (I will have to use the snesorama link as I have no other direct way of getting hold of it)


I hope you will change your stance on not posting at emuxtras, in the meantime please refrain from spitting in our faces :)

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Hey BP could you add mike tysons nes,nhl 94' mega drive,friday the 13th,rocky horror picture show and manic mansion for c64? Keep up the good work!!!! :) P.s. anyway daphne makes it in i will add roms and movies.Thanks again!

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its not spitting in your faces bigby its how I see things...facts mainly from where I see things....opions are like arses everyones got one....I see you trying to laugh at me when im thinking why are they laughing that I can do stuff and they cant and they laugh that im lying avoiding that time and time ive released the stuff and sources for them if they want it...


you know ill never post on your site and have told people that many times...I remember that silly site called staus x and had a spy in it...a bunch of newbes saying they would take me out and take control......and that moved into your site.....those people I have no respect for and dont think they can offer anything but issues for me....


but best of luck to you.....


no sources for daphne sorry but maybe I could add dragons lair and space ace if people really want them....eg a dvd player that quits back to CoinOPS...


ill look at the others and add a few...

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Not sure who you mean, I don't know anyone from that site you mention.


I'm not laughing at you BP, I'm laughing with you :)


Seriously though, we're a decent bunch of people over at emuxtras. If you don't want to post, that's ok, I will keep the thread updated with your latest releases.

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